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Sign up for the techtown reviewer program and get free tools!

When techtown relaunched, we added a variety of new features and tools. And speaking of tools, we’re looking for a couple of experts who’d be interested in reviewing tools for us.

Sign Up, get tools, review tools.

Instead of watching us review the hottest new tools, we’re asking the real professionals, like you, to chime in.  Once you sign up, you could be chosen to receive something new to test and review. We’ll share what you think with the rest of the techtown community. You’re gonna be a star! On the signup page, you can even pick the category of tool(s) you are most interested to receive.

Reviews can be written (with photos please) or in a video, whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

The fine print…

If you prefer reading the details of the program before signing up, head on over to the tool review program page, and feel free to email us if you still have any questions.

We look forward to sending you some of the newest tools and reading your thoughts on how well they perform in the field.

And finally…

While we’d love to be able to send a brand new tool to every single member who signs up, we’re limited in the amount of stuff we have to send out each month. We promise to keep the selection process fair, and we’ll do our best to give every single member a chance at becoming the next Tim Taylor here on techtown!

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