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Video: Differences in Servicing True R290 vs 134a/404a Units

Differences in Servicing True R290 and 134a

When it comes to servicing True refrigeration units, they have distinct differences. If you’re working on a unit with R290 refrigerant versus one with 134a/404a refrigerant, each requires special tools and repair methods. Below is a list of tools and a video from True lay with specific procedures to remember.

For more instructions, you can contact True’s technical service team at 855-372-1368.

Tools for R290 vs. 134a/404a Repairs

While there are some common tools used for servicing either equipment, there are specialized products you’ll need for R290 versus 134a/404a units. The following tools are for repairs exclusive to each type of refrigerant:

R290 Tools

  • Safety Placard
  • R290 Gas Leak Detector
  • R290 Refrigerant
  • R290 Recovery System Tank (optional)

134a/404a Tools

  • Recovery Machine
  • Tank
  • 134a/404a Refrigerant

Differences in Servicing R290 vs. 134a/404a Units

While most of the actual repairs are standard across both units, there are some slight variations. The video below highlights key differences in servicing units with R290 versus 134a/404a.

Warning: Any handling of R290 refrigerant requires certified training and authorization. The tips and procedures outlined in this article/video are only for authorized service agents with proper certification. Performing these steps or any associated repairs on equipment without proper authorization, training or certification can be dangerous and void the manufacturer warranty. Authorized technicians should refer to manufacturer instructions for further information. Techtown disclaims any liability for property damage, injury or death as a result of using these tips and procedures.