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Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

Field Service Technician Tool Bags

Whether you’re a technician in commercial foodservice, HVAC or electrical, carrying your tools in a quick and convenient way is crucial. Hauling large, heavy boxes isn’t always feasible, especially if you’re short on space in your service van or at the jobsite. Not sure where to start you search? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best field service technician tool bags on the market.

Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack

Milwaukee Ultimate Jobsite Backpack Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

Designed with durability and practicability in mind, this tool bag from Milwaukee is ideal for technicians in the field. It’s equipped with hardshell pockets to hold electronics and heavy-duty equipment, bracing them from impact and heavy loads. The backpack’s other pockets have plenty of padding and space, so you can stay organized while carrying all your essential tools. To top it off, the price is pretty good too.

  • Interior Pockets: 46
  • Exterior Pockets: 2
  • Material: 1680D ballistic polyester
  • Additional Features: Sternum strap, dolly attachment strap, tape measure clip

Best Deal: Home Depot
Price: $75

Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack

Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

While designed primarily for electricians, this tool bag can be used in multiple trades. The backpack has three main stage compartments that can hold various tools and a 12″ tablet or laptop as well as a molded pocket for smaller components. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight construction. It’s still very durable and features a waterproof bottom base for additional protection.

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  • Pockets: 30
  • Storage Compartments: 6
  • Material: Polyester
  • Additional Features: Special 12″ tablet/laptop pocket, clips for tape rolls, measuring tapes and voltage detectors
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Best Deal: Amazon
Price: $75

DeWalt 14″ Open-Top Tool Bag

DeWalt 14 inch Open Top Tool Bag Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

If you don’t need a larger backpack for the job, this tool carrier is a solid choice. It has 25 different pockets and sleeves to keep all your essential tools easily accessible. The bag not only can store small hand tools and components, but it also holds medium-sized power tools and detectors.

  • Exterior Pockets: 16
  • Interior Pockets: 7
  • Flap Pockets: 2
  • Material: Poly fabric
  • Additional Features: Adjustable shoulder strap, padded handle, utility knife cradle, tape roll strap, measuring tape clip

Best Deal: Zoro
Price: $65

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Blackout Backpack

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Blackout Backpack Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

This fully loaded tool bag has new V-Swap Tool Panels so you can bring all your vital tools to the jobsite. It features small slots for hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches but also large pockets for items like detectors, drills and other medium power tools. If you use a laptop or tablet in the field, the bag also can accommodate a laptop panel. However, Veto sells that separately as an aftermarket attachment.

  • Pockets: 46
  • Material: Polyester & impregnated denier nylon
  • Additional Features: Swapout™ tool/meter pocket panels, magnetic screw catcher, metal YKK® locking zippers

Best Deal: Tech Tool Supply
Price: $290

Klein 16″ Tradesman Pro™ Wide-Open Tool Bag

Klein 16 inch Tradesman Pro Wide Open Tool Bag Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

The Tradesman Pro looks like a laptop bag from afar, but it’s not even close to that. This tool carrier has 42 pouches and pockets to hold a wide selection of items. The stay-open top creates quick access to your tools, and it features a bright orange exterior to easily spot anything in the bag.

  • Exterior Pockets: 33
  • Interior Pockets: 9
  • Material: 1680D ballistic weave
  • Additional Features: Detachable shoulder strap, side mesh pockets, tape measure holder
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Best Deal: Amazon
Price: $99

What’s Your Favorite Tool Bag?

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