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These are the Top 10 Apps for Service Technicians in the Field

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There is no denying that mobile apps for service technicians have changed the way work is performed in the field. Whether it's using a mobile app to get real-time data from measurement tools, order parts as you work through a repair, or just collect information on equipment, having a mobile device loaded with all of the must-have apps is a real time-saver.

Here are ten apps all service technicians can use to make their jobs just a little bit easier.

Emerson HVACR Check & Charge


Emerson made apps will appear a few times in this list – not only because they are quite well made, but also because the equipment they support is incredibly popular in the field. The first app from Emerson is their HVACR Check & Charge tool – an all-in-one app supporting the following features:

• AC & Refrigeration Systems
• Superheat Calculator (non-TXV)
• Subcooling Calculator (TXV)
• Airflow Calculator
• PT Charts (Pressure / Temperature)
• Find a Superheat target using psychometric calculations
• For use with R-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, R-438A, R-422B, R-427A, R-421A, R-404A, R-290, R-449A, R-448A, and R-407A
• Imperial and Metric Support

Download for Apple Devices (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).



We recently covered measureQuick here on the site, and feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive. Imagine a single app that brings all your connected measurement tools together, adds data logging, problem resolution and more. That, in a nutshell is measureQuick. With support for manifolds, multimeters, vacuum gauges and more, this single app can replace multiple, often poorly made vendor supplied apps.

To get started with measureQuick, download the Android version or the iOS version, or visit their website to check out an online demo and training resources.

Parts Town Mobile

Parts town

This one is considered “required reading” for anyone working in the field. In this single app, technicians have access to parts ordering, order tracking, serial number lookup, smart manuals, diagrams and even live chat. Thanks to 360 degree images of parts, you can make sure the part you are ordering is the exact fit.

Download Parts Town Mobile for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).

Welbilt Digital Literature Library


Covering brands like Convotherm, Manitowoc Ice and Garland, the Welbilt Digital Literature Library app is another install now, ask questions later kind of app. With access to 100's of manuals, diagrams and other resources, this app offers quick access to the information you need. For equipment you regularly work on, the MyDocs feature lets you create an account and store regularly used documents in a single location.

Available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store).

Manitowoc Indigo® Series


They say nothing beats experience in the field – but what if you could practice on a piece of equipment before heading to the customer site? That is the idea behind the Manitowoc Indigo Series mobile app – it simulates the EasyRead display found on this popular ice machine. Play around with all the features behind the menu, access photos, and videos as well as a library of documentation.

Download the Manitowoc Indigo Series mobile app for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).

Copeland Mobile

copeland mobile

The second app from Emerson in this list is specifically for Copeland compressors – and chances are you come across this brand every single day. With instant access to the exact specifications of a compressor, this mobile reference app makes swapping out a compressor much easier, but also contains a whole host of additional features:

• WebApp – instant updates via online product information database
• Auto fill model recommendations
• “Where To Buy” lookup
• Serial number validation
• Model / Serial Number scanning
• Full parts, accessories and bill of materials listings
• Complete air-conditioning and refrigeration compressor model information
• Electrical wiring diagrams
• Compressor diagnostics
• Replacement model cross reference
• Metric and imperial units conversion
• Links to other mobile apps
• “Live Chat” help function
• Jobsite commissioning
• Copeland technical specialist locator

Like any good app, you can download this one for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).

Danfoss Magnetic Solenoid Tester (and Ref Tools)


I have a hard time deciding whether this app is a gimmick or actually helpful in the field, but it is just too clever to ignore… The idea here is that the compass/magnetic sensor in your phone can be used as a simple solenoid tester. While this can be accomplished using many of the tools you already carry, the app also adds audible alerts, making it possible to test in tight spots. Your mileage may vary on how useful it actually is, but since most people probably don't know their phone can do this, it does make for a cool party trick!

The Danfoss Solenoid tester app is available for Android devices as a stand-alone app, or inside the larger RefTools package for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store).

testo Smart

testo smart

We previously mentioned measureQuick as a way to combine multiple brands of connected measurement tools into a single app, but what if you only ever use testo branded equipment? Then the testo Smart app is the logical choice. The app supports the following testo equipment:

– all Testo Smart Probes
– all testo 550s, testo 557s and testo 550i digital manifolds
– testo 552i vacuum gauges
– the testo 770-3 clamp meter
– testo 420
– testo 552
– testo 915i

One of our members recently reviewed the newest testo 557S manifold, and covered the testo Smart app in excellent detail.

Of course, the app is available for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store).

Fieldpiece Job Link


Like the aforementioned testo app, the Fieldpiece Job Link app is designed specifically for their own brand of connected equipment. With access to live measurement data, data logging, job management and more, the app allows technicians to troubleshoot, and create reports for their customer or office.

Download the Fieldpiece Job Link app for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play Store).

HVAC Superheat Calculator


This popular Superheat Calculator won't win any prizes for its design, but reviewers rave about how helpful it is for making common calculations in the field. With support for most refrigerants, Superheat Calculator also supports airflow calculations and psychrometric calculations.

Superheat Calculator is available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store).