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Introducing Parts In Town by Parts Town


For restaurants, hospitals, and other facilities, essential equipment like ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and ice machines are incredibly important to their operation. These are just some of the many pieces of equipment that need to be back in use the same day as they are considered mission-critical.

Some repairs can't wait for parts to arrive via overnight shipping, even with AM delivery. For example, if you get a complaint from a restaurant about a freezer not working, some defects may mean you will have to order replacement parts and won't be able to get the equipment back in service the same day. For your customer, that may be unacceptable, as the cost of losing all the frozen products will be considerable.

What will you do at that crucial time if you get a service call about defective commercial equipment? Parts Town has a new innovation that might be able to provide the perfect solution for you and your customer thanks to “Parts In Town“, a new buying option that helps technicians get parts the same day. 

About Parts In Town

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Parts Town is a leading distributor of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) commercial kitchen and HVAC equipment parts. When problems arise, Parts Town is ready to step in by offering the most in-stock real OEM parts on the planet.

Parts in Town is a Marketplace that helps customers get access to Genuine OEM parts locally when they really need a part right away. Parts in Town partners with trusted local service companies to give visibility to their available inventory.

Parts in Town technology enables local service companies to list their OEM parts inventory on and take advantage of the massive traffic on the world's most famous restaurant parts website. This innovation enables technicians to connect with nearby companies and get their desired parts the same day.

Ultimately, Parts In Town provides benefits for manufacturers, service companies, distributors, and operators to make OEM parts more visible and accessible than ever before. It's a perfect solution if you're dealing with equipment that requires same-day fixing. The Parts in Town same-day delivery option is offered in more than 85 locations in the United States and is rapidly expanding to other locations.

Benefits of Using Parts In Town

Here are some benefits of using the Parts In Town buying option:

  • There is no risk of weather delays in the shipping process.
  • No waiting around for shipments to arrive at your location.
  • You can access easy and quick product information through the website and order just like other parts on
  • Product pickup confirmation provided within 60 minutes.
  • No additional or hidden charges.
  • Perfect for Same day fixes.

For more information about the Parts in Town option when ordering real OEM parts, visit