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  • Tips or tricks for getting new door gaskets into Alto Shaam Combi ovens? (specifically 7.14 Es models)

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  • guest

    October 6, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I’m sure everyone who works on any older Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens has had to deal with this Issue. The gasket channel shrinks and moves over time making it a pain to install new gaskets. I have tried a few different methods to re-gaping the channel. Just curious to see what other methods are out there.

  • ectofix

    October 7, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Well, to offer some reply, I will do so by saying “I don’t know”.


    Really not helpful at all, eh?


    Truly, I’ve only talked to some techs who’ve explained that problem.  I’ve never seen it myself.  One of those guys said Alto Shaam supplies some kind of re-gapping tool.  Maybe it’s just a gap gauge though.


    At the property I work for, we just have Rational ovens (26 of ’em and counting).  I only recently completed a total (and I mean TOTAL!) tear down and rebuild of one, so I know (and I mean KNOW!) how Rational ovens are held together.


    If Alto Shaam’s construction is in any way similar, then the door gasket channel also serves to form a concealed lap joint to hold the door frame and an adjoining cabinet panel together.  The lap joint is the valley of the channel.  That joint brings together the two sides of the channel.  Rational secures the lap joints using steel pop rivets, which are visible at when the door gasket is removed.


    That’s probably not helpful, but just a FYI.


    I don’t have any access to Alto Shaam’s technical literature.  I guess that’s locked behind a userID and password on their website?  So I have not a CLUE how Alto Shaam suggests that one goes about in performing the fine art of neatly bending and torquing on the oven’s metal cabinet to spread out a presumed-to-be-permanently-formed-from-the-factory…gasket channel.

  • guest

    November 17, 2017 at 5:35 am

    As for the gap changing. I have only seen it on the floor models, and that’s from trying to load the carts from across the room at 20 MPH.

    I made up a kind of go/no go gauge from some key stock. I run that down the channel and use it to straighten out the tight spots.

    When I install the gaskets, I use plenty of glass cleaner to lube up the channel and the gasket. The gasket pops right in there and the cleaner pretty much evaporates in about 20 min., with no residue.

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