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  • Hi I have a gdm-12.

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  • guest

    October 5, 2015 at 12:00 am

    The compressor and both fans work, but the unit is not cooling. what are some diagnostic tips I could follow without having to invest in parts just yet. I already cleaned unit. no issues there. Thanks

  • ectofix

    October 6, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    About the only thing left is to see whether it has frozen up.


    The evaporator coils enclosed within the top where the fans are could’ve frozen up if the door was left open for an extended period or if the door gasket is in shambles.  Some cooler designs make it very difficult to actually see any ice accumulation without taking stuff apart.  So…I suggest emptying the box, unplugging it, leaving the door open and let it set for 24 hours or so.


    Down below where the compressor is at should be a pan which captures any water runoff draining from the inside.  If allot of water is in that pan after 24 hours, you’re making progress.  Let it set another day.  Large formations of ice takes awhile to melt.


    If you want to melt much ice faster, park the box over a floor drain or take it outside.  Open the door and blast the upper-inside of it with a water hose for a good twenty minutes to a half hour.  That’s the fastest way to melt ice.


    Once you’re convinced that any ice is gone, close the door and plug it in.  Make sure the thermostat is set between 4 and 5.  Everything down below should be running (compressor and fan).  Give it a few hours to cool down.  If it’s not below 40 degrees by then, it has issues which a technician will need to address.

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