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Home Forums Have a Blodgett Ctb-1.  Does the motor get power from the relay? Have a Blodgett Ctb-1.  Does the motor get power from the relay?

  • ectofix

    August 23, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Does the motor get power from the relay?

    According to a schematic that I just looked at,  the motor gets power from a relay that’s integral to a relay board.


    Getting fan error. Replaced motor still has code.

    I take it that this is on a Blodgett IQ control?  That seems to be the only control configuration (out of seven possible ones the oven made available) which displays error codes.  The service manual says that FAN ERR means the control thinks the motor is not operating.


    Anyway.  Why did you replace the motor?  Did it test out as bad, or did you just simply think it was bad?


    Do I need a relay?

    Impossible to answer that question without the use of a VOM, a schematic, some understanding of the circuit’s electrical function and application of sound, logical troubleshooting skills.  The cause of your problem could be anything ranging from just a faulty wire connection…or up to the computer being bad.


    When you have provided us with the results of your troubleshooting, get back to us on what you found.  Maybe we can help you further at that point.


    By the way.  The motor’s relay can’t be replaced by itself.  You have to replace the whole relay board.  Just letting you know in case you’re simply going to keep changing parts until it’s fixed.


    FWIW:  If the motor did indeed fail in some catastrophic fashion (a short-circuit, it smoked…or if the bearings seized up), then it’s conceivable that the relay which controls the motor may have suffered some damage.