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  • ectofix

    January 20, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Haven’t ever done that on a Blodgett.  Simply don’t see many of them.


    Looking at their parts diagram, it appears their spring-assisted lid hinge very similar to a Cleveland.  Here’s Cleveland’s instructions:



    Appears that Blodgett’s design lacks the slotted screws that Cleveland mentions.


    I can’t be for sure, but looks like item #3 serves to adjust the tension.  I imagine that #3 accepts a large Allen wrench (maybe a 3/8″ too?).  I can’t tell for sure from the illustration, so that’s only my guess.


    Item #1 is the stop pin.  So…rotating #3 slightly CCW (opposite Cleveland’s instructions) will release tension on the stop pin so you can remove it.


    Item #3 looks like it has multiple holes on its periphery.  Using that wrench, rotate #3 CCW to tighten or CW to loosen spring tension.  Once it’s to your liking, align the hole in #2 with nearest available one in #3, then re-insert the locking pin.


    NOTE:  If you discover that the spring is broken, I suggest ordering #1 along with the new spring.  Otherwise, just be mindful that item #1 should be replaced anyway if it’s showing some wear or damage.