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7 Best Electrician Pliers for Technicians in 2023

Lineman, needle nose, pump and diagonal pliers all have their place in an electrician’s toolbox. So whether you’re an apprentice electrician looking for a starter kit you won’t outgrow or a seasoned professional needing an upgrade, we’re here to tell you 2023’s 7 best electrician pliers for technicians.

Best Electrician Pliers

KNIPEX Lineman's Pliers-Best Electrician Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: KNIPEX

KNIPEX American-Style Lineman's Pliers – 09 02 240

The title for overall best electrical pliers belongs to KNIPEX lineman’s pliers. Their comfort grip handles are insulated against 1,000 volts. And at 9 ½ inches, it definitely falls into the heavy-duty category.

It’s KNIPEX’s top model in lineman pliers because it has a built-in universal terminal crimper, an extra grip on the back and a fish tape puller for greater versatility. 
They cost $38.50, which is a nearly 50% reduction from their list price of $76.22. With a deal like that, you can have the best of the best for a fraction of the price.

Best Lineman Plier 

Klein Tools Lineman's Pliers-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: Klein Tools

Klein Tools 9” Lineman Pliers – D20009NEGLW

It’s not surprising a brand known for its unparalleled tool quality also appears twice on this list of the best electrician pliers. 

These lineman pliers are quite unique, drawing attention to glow-in-the-dark handles that make it easy to spot if dropped behind a tool bench or other low lit areas. Whether used in natural light or artificial, it makes no difference–it draws power from either. The only complaint about this feature is you have to regularly clean the handles, otherwise, it will neither charge nor glow. 
You can snag this plier for $44.97, but it’s not the most expensive plier on this list for nothing. According to the Klein Tools website, they have designed the rivet so that it's closer to the cutting edge, translating to 46% more strength when cutting and gripping

Best Plier Set 

Channellock Tool Roll-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: Channellock

Channellock Tool Roll-8 8 Piece Plier Set 

The best electrician pliers set is hands down the Channellock tool roll-8 for ergonomic grips, tight locking mechanisms and the value for the money. Included in the set are:

  • 12” tongue and groove plier
  • 9 ½” tongue and groove plier
  • 9” linesman plier 
  • 8” adjustable wrench
  • 8” long nose plier
  • 7” cutting plier
  • 7” diagonal cutting plier
  • 6 ½” tongue and groove plier 

Whether you’re a professional electrician, just getting started or a veteran DIYer, this plier set has all the staples in a variety of sizes–plus a wrench! For $169.95, or about $21 a piece, you get all the best-selling Channellock pliers rolled into one package deal–literally, it comes with a premium tool roll for convenient travel and storage.

Best Needle Nose Plier

Klein Tools Journeyman Needle Nose Pliers-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: Klein Tools

Klein Journeyman Needle Nose Pliers – J203-8

We chose the Klein needle nose pliers as one of the best electrician pliers for technicians because of their superior craftsmanship, durability, comfort and outstanding customer reviews. Like all Klein tools, these pliers were made in the U.S. with alloy steel, heat-treated and with extra long handles for improved strength. 

At $34.97, these pliers come in on the pricier end, but nonetheless come highly rated for value for the money. Indeed, these needle nose pliers sport induction hardened blades for longer-lasting cutting action and a hot-riveted pivot point for seamless control over minute adjustments. Yes, superior quality comes at a price, but it's an expense you’ll only have to endure once, making the upfront cost worth the long-term investment. 

Best Long Needle Nose Plier

IRWIN Vise-Grip Long Range Pliers-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: IRWIN

IRWIN Vise-Grip Long Range Pliers – 1773584

Next in the lineup of best electrician pliers for technicians are the IRWIN needle nose pliers. 11 inches long, this tool can fit into tight spaces with extraordinary ease. But extra length doesn’t mean compromised strength. With ⅜” thick machine jaws, you can grip, bend and loop wires with little to no slip. 

Unfortunately, an electrician’s work often takes them to tight, small and dimly lit areas. That’s where this plier shines. The extra length of the nose allows room for a flashlight without your hand blocking or casting shadows on your work.
With a list price of $36.40, they’re clearly high-end pliers, but you can get them from most retailers for a reasonable $21.99.

Best Pump Pliers 

KNIPEX Water Pump Pliers-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: KNIPEX

KNIPEX High-Tech Water Pump Pliers

It wouldn’t be a plier buyer’s guide if KNIPEX didn’t make the list. Customers sing resounding praise for the grip strength, strong locking mechanism, superior craftsmanship and compact size that makes it best in class for pump pliers.

These pliers were designed with durability in mind. Made with carbon-hardened steel, vanadium and chromium, you can put these pliers through the test in any working condition. To prove this, one reviewer stated these were the only pliers that stood up against the corrosive chemicals used in his job site. 

Additionally, these electrician pliers can grip just about any shape–hex, round, flat, square–without slip, and it has reviews to back it. $28 for a tool for life? That’s not a bad trade at all.

Best Diagonal Pliers 

Milwaukee Diagonal Cutting Pliers-Best Pliers for Technicians in 2023
Source: Milwaukee

Milwaukee 7” Diagonal Cutting Pliers – 48-22-6107

On the list of best electrician pliers for technicians, the Milwaukee 48-22-6107 takes the cake for the best diagonal pliers. Not only is it rust-resistant, but it's also protected by a limited lifetime warranty, so you know the claim is the real deal.

If you prefer diagonal pliers to strip wires, this plier is more than capable of doing the job. Only 7” long, they’re compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket but still large enough to grip comfortably and long enough to apply leverage when needed. Made with Milwaukee’s comfort grip technology, they’re resistant to peeling and over-molded for more traction on tougher jobs. 
For only $21.97, it’s shocking these pliers come with so many features. Between the Iron Carbide Edge that cuts through 2 times more wires and a fish taper pull, these should be on every Electrician’s tool wish list.