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Deep Fryer Thermostat Replacement Instructions

Faulty parts, improper use or just long-term wear and tear can all lead to equipment breaking down. So when called on-site to deal with a gas fryer, it’s important to get it repaired fast and correctly so customers can have their equipment back up and running without long downtimes. So whether you’re a new tech or a veteran in need of a refresher, these deep fryer thermostat replacement instructions are sure to help.

Commercial Fryer Thermostat Replacement Instructions 

Remember to disconnect and drain the unit before beginning part replacements on a commercial fryer.

  • Step 1. Unmount the thermostat from the bracket – Remove the mounting screws securing the thermostat bracket onto the unit. Then take the knob off to access the flathead screws that are securing the thermostat onto the bracket. Remove those screws and the thermostat from the bracket. 
  • Step 2. Locate the temperature sensing bulbs and capillaries – It’s important to locate and determine how you wish to access the temperature sensing bulbs and capillaries next. You can access them from behind the fryer or by removing a burner from the fryer.
    • Note: Ensure the burners are fully cooled down, and wear protective gloves before removing them.
  • Step 3. Remove fryer accessories – Remove fryer baskets and crumb trays from  the drained fryer.
  • Step 4. Remove the temperature sensing bulbs – Remove the screw mounting the temperature sensing bulbs in the fryer tank. Then, run them down by loosening the stuffing box and pulling the capillaries down and out. 
  • Step 5. Disconnect the thermostat – Remove the wires connected to the thermostat by using a screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws.
    • Note: Take note of which wire goes where on the thermostat for when you go to install the new one.
  • Step 6. Mount the new thermostat – Connect the wires to the new thermostat and secure them with the mounting screws. Then, reinstall the thermostat onto the bracket so you can attach it  to the unit. The knob can then be reinstalled.
    • Note: Ensure the capillaries are running towards the back of the unit before mounting the thermostat bracket.
  • Step 7. Mount the temperature sensing bulbs – Run the capillaries up the mounting hole from the bottom of the fryer tank and secure the stuffing box only to be hand-tight. Then, go back up to the fryer tank to remount the temperature sensing bulbs in a position that doesn’t allow them to touch the heat exchanger.
    • Note: Be careful not to force the capillaries, or they could be damaged or kinked. 
  • Step 8. Tighten the stuffing box – At this time, you can now fully tighten the stuffing boxes to ensure there are no leaks at the bottom of the tank.