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Fryer Misfire Common Causes

If a customer calls for a fryer that’s banging or even claiming there’s tiny explosions when trying to light it, there could be a few culprits behind it. Whether you’re a new tech that isn’t sure where to start or one who's been in the field a while and just wants to be sure you’re on the right track, this guide has you covered. The following fryer misfire common causes could be behind the issue you’ve been called to service.

Causes of a Fryer Misfire

  • Flue – Check down the flue for obstructions. Things like brushes or oven mitts can get stuck in there and need to be cleared out. There could also be soot buildup along the edges or the bottom that needs to be cleaned. 
  • Fryer tubes or heat exchanger – Inspect the side walls of the fryer tubes or heat exchanger for any soot buildup. Be sure to also verify the flame diverter is in place, intact and isn’t clogged. If it’s damaged it may need to be replaced. 
  • Gas pressure – Check the data plate to ensure the gas pressure matches what the manufacturer recommends for the unit.