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Best Wire Crimper Tools in 2023

Humans discovered the miracle of tools in the Early Stone Age. Yet, even with 2.6 million years of practice under our belt, there are still tools that crimp wires too tightly or not enough, either damaging the core or leaving a loose connection.

Tragedies such as those require guides like these to vet the bad from the worst and the best from the good. This is 2023, and we’ve come a long way since those early, primitive years and have a handful of tools to prove it. Check out the best wire crimper tools that clearly distinguish us from the primates in the guide below.

Overall Best Wire Crimper Tool

Klein Tools wire crimper tool-best wire crimper tools in 2023
Source: Klein Tools

Klein Tools Wire Crimper Tool – 3005CR

The Klein Tools 3005CR wouldn’t be the best wire crimper tool without a host of features that make your life and job easier. It’s a 3-in-1 crimping tool for 22-16 AWG red, 16-14 AWG blue and 12-10 AWG yellow terminals, as well as 10-22 AWG standard copper wire.

As some of you already very well know, a downside to some of these manual crimpers is poor design, which can lead to awkward leveraging and frequent hand fatigue. The 3005CR directly addresses this issue with an adjustable compound design and a built-in ratchet for a perfect crimp every time at half the effort.

Price: $29.97

Best Hydraulic Crimping Tool 

WBHome Hydraulic wire crimper-Best wire crimper tools in 2023
Source: Amazon

WBHome Hydraulic Wire Crimper 

For those professional technicians who want to skirt around hand fatigue altogether, we have WBHome voted as the best wire crimper tool with hydraulics. This crimper comes with 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0, 2/0 AWG and 4/0-250 MCM dies that can crimp a variety of cables, wires and butt connectors.

Satisfied customers are raving about the ease of use, value for money and overall unit sturdiness that produces high-quality results. Take it to the worksite or leave it in the garage – with an attractive molded plastic carrying case, you won’t have to worry about losing any dies in between jobs.

Price: $60.99

Best Ratcheting Wire Crimper

Klein Tools best ratcheting wire crimper-Best wire crimper tools in 2023
Source: Klein Tools

Klein Tools Ratcheting Wire Crimper – VDV226-110

Klein Tools came out with a ratcheting cable crimper, or is it a stripper? Or a cutter? You’ll be delighted to find out it’s all three! Not only is it designed with a full-cycle ratchet mechanism to reduce user fatigue and establish a secure connection, but it also lets you accomplish an assortment of electrical tasks.

The only drawback is this cable crimping tool works exclusively with Klein Tools Pass-Thru connectors. However, those who have bought this product swear by its speed, ease and accuracy when identifying wires, cutting correct lengths and attaching and removing crimped connectors, making it one of the best crimping tools on the market. 

Price: $49.97

Best Automotive Wire Crimping Tool

Wirefy best automotive wire crimping tool-best wire crimper tools in 2023
Source: Wirefy

Wirefy Automotive Crimping Tool

And the award for the best automotive wire crimping tool goes to…drum roll please…the Wirefy’s one and only wire crimper for insulated nylon connectors! The handle is equipped with an auto-release mechanism so you can plug and go without missing a beat. Another of its notable features includes a double die that establishes a more secure connection without damaging the nylon insulation. 

Best of all, Wirefy is dedicated to creating a positive customer experience with a strong reputation for reliable products. That’s why this electrical crimping tool comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. If you’re someone who gets heavy use out of your tools, this up-and-coming brand might be the way to go.  

Price: $24.99

Best Wire Crimping Tool Set

image 9
Source: Wirefy

Wirefy Crimping 11-Piece Tool Set

With tools like these, it’s no wonder that Wirefy makes the list twice. It doesn’t just have the best wire crimper tool; it has many! The wire crimping tool set includes a 9” high leverage wire crimper that has no problem adapting to non-insulated, insulated flag, heat shrink and nylon terminal, making it one of the most versatile crimpers to make the list. 

Wirefy claims this tool “Crimps any terminal type and size out there.” Add a guaranteed lifetime warranty on top of all that, and you have a blue-ribbon tool set that can no doubt get you through your career but maybe the next generation’s, too. 

Price: $149.99