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Globe Slicer Repair Guide for Technicians

Initially, meat slicers were simple and worked on hand cranks, but new meat slicers operate with a motor system. Globe is an international company, and they provide a wide variety of meat slicers. Globe slicers are primarily used in commercial restaurants on a larger scale. But as it's an electrical device, it can malfunction with time. That's why we're here with Globe Slicer repair guide for technicians.

In this article, we'll go through some common issues a technician may get a complaint about, and we'll guide you on how to repair those issues.

Globe Slicer Regular Issues and Repair Guide

If the Globe slicer stops working or not working at all, there can be some problems that the technician needs to address.

Slicer Won't Start

  • First of all, check if the power plug in the switch is placed in tightly. Then check the main power box and change the fuse if found broken.
  • A Knife cover is usually present in all 3600 models except C9/10/12 and GC9/10 models. When the slicer is not working in all models, a light starts blinking, a notification of the underlying problem. If the light flashes, it might be due to the knife cover being removed or not installed correctly. Then you need to reinstall the cover and make sure to tighten up the release knob carefully.
  • Some of the models of the Globe slicer range, including C9 / C10 / C12, can go out of function due to the motor reset button, which can trip down itself.  Search for the button underneath the slicer and press it down to rest the motor function.
  • In models 3600, 3850, and 3975, the lever present for the function of auto engage can move into the automatic position itself. If it is found so, change the position to manual to start proper setup

Slicer Is Making a Ragged Cut at Meat

If the slicer produces irregular and abrupt cuts on meat, it can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Ragged cuts on meat can be due to a dull and uneven knife. Check the blade and sharpen it; also, make sure that the stones and knives are thoroughly clean. Practice cleaning knives and stones regularly.
  • If the slicer knife is chipped and broken from the edges, it can cause marks on meat pieces. So, if you find that the blade is chipped, try to sharpen it and make its surface even. In the worst cases, the knife should be reinstalled.
  • In some models, the knife of the globe slicer is too small, as a result, it won't cut properly and make the meat cutting ragged. To repair this issue of Globe slicer, we recommend installing a new big-sized knife.
  • If the gap between the slicer table and the knife is a little too much, it can also cause uneven cuttings. In that case, you should have to adjust the position and distance of the slicer table.

Slicer Knife Is Being Rubbed with Meat

If the meat is found rubbing with the surface of the slicer knife, it can be due to the following reasons.

  • The knife can get loose and start rubbing with meat, so check for knife cover, tighten it up and release the knob.
  • Food chutes in a slicer keep the junk meat at a distance from sliced meat. If the knife got rubbed with meat, it could be due to a poorly installed food chute. Tighten up the food chute and its knob so the slicer can function normally.
  • Knife rubbing can happen due to the broken end weight. If it is found broken, replace it carefully, following the proper process.
  • Knives can start rubbing with meat if the slicer table is not adjusted correctly. Check out the difference after readjusting the slicer table.

Slicer Knife Is Too Hard to Sharpen

 If the slicer of the knife is found hard to sharpen, you can repair this issue of Globe Slicer by the following methods:

  • If knives are too hard to sharp again, check for the condition of the stones. If they are wet, clogged, or any dirt accumulated on stones, clean the stones from top to bottom by using warm water and cleaning brushes and towels. Once you have cleaned the stones, dry them naturally in the air. When stones get dry, lubricate them by using special lubrication oil from Globe.       
  • If stones of slicer get old, torn, and wear out, they would not be able to sharpen the knives; the only solution to this problem is replacing old stones with new ones.
  • If the alignment of stones is not according to the proper adjustment, the stone set cannot hold the knife tightly and correctly. It should be adjusted carefully.
  • If stones in the slicer cannot rotate in a pleasing pattern, the knives cannot sharpen. The rotation of stones can be blocked due to increased friction between stones. To facilitate stone rotation, lubricate the stones with Globe special lubricating oil.
  • If the knife edges are not properly cleaned and are dirty, they cannot get sharpened. Try sharpening the knives after cleaning them properly.

Slicer Isn't Pushing Chute

  • If it is found too hard for the slicer to push the chutes, there must be a need to lubricate the related area, including stones, food chutes, and rods present at both sides. For lubrication purposes, never use vegetable oil or any other alternate oil. Always use Globe special lubricating oil.

Slicer Stops Running (Chef Mate Series)

  • The slicers from the Chef mate series, including models c9 /C10 / C12, can stop functioning due to overheating the slicer's motor. If it happens, shut down the slicer, give the motor 10 to 15 minutes to cool, and restart again. If the problem is continuous, look for some other factors that can get involved in overheating the system.

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