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How to Install a Bin Thermostat on an Ice-O-Matic Dispenser

If you’ve been called to a job to install or replace parts, you need to know the proper steps to get it connected. If you’re not familiar with the specific unit or are new to the field, a handy guide can ensure you get the job done right. So follow along and learn how to install a bin thermostat on an Ice-O-Matic dispenser. 

The OEM part kit should come with a thermostat, wire harness and different sets of deflectors to install. 

Ice-O-Matic Dispenser Bin Thermostat Installation

  • Step 1. Mount the thermostat – Right below the board, there is a mounting bracket to attach the thermostat to. Use the screws and a screwdriver to mount the thermostat. 
  • Step 2. Connect the wire – Connect one end of the wire harness to the control board. Then, use the top access to run the wire down to the thermostat and connect it.
    • Note. Don’t use the lower access since it has high-voltage wires.
  • Step 3. Flip the dip switch – On the control board, flip dip switch 2 to the right so the machine will know the bin thermostat is installed.