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Manitowoc Ice Machine Shutdown and Startup Procedures

Below are the shutdown, startup and maintenance guides for most Manitowoc ice machines. Please verify your model ice machine, and download the correct guide for your equipment.

Manitowoc recommends the following guidelines for dealing with equipment shutdown, startup and decommissioning:

For locations expecting to be closed for less than 7 days, do not shut down the machine. Follow the current monthly cleaning schedule. If no ice is being served, daily cleaning is not required.

For equipment left idle for more than 7 days, Manitowoc recommends decommissioning the machine. This includes cleaning the machine per the guides below, disconnecting the water and electrical supply and ensuring all supply lines are purged.

Manitowoc models S, IB and Q clean and sanitize guide

Manitowoc Indigo Series clean and sanitize guide

Manitowoc Indigo NXT Series clean and sanitize guide