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About Frymaster

Despite the countless restaurants in our industry, no two are alike – from fast-causal to fine dining, each enterprise has its own set of particular needs and challenges. No matter what kind of enterprise you oversee, there’s one essential ingredient necessary to every recipe for success: an ongoing profit.

At Frymaster, we understand the crucial value of your kitchen’s assets. By focusing our attention at the very heart of your business, we’ve designed every one of our products to conserve your resources while maximizing profitability. So while you continue to discover new opportunities for growth, we’re working hard to lower your cost of ownership. It’s a simple formula for success. And it’s that same simplicity we’ve infused into our entire portfolio, harnessing intuitive designs for equipment and operations that are easy to learn, use, and service. After all, that’s what keeps your streamlined kitchen running swiftly and safely, fostering a workflow that’s both efficient and productive.

Developing our expertise over the last 80 years, Frymaster has been dedicated to understanding the world of our customers in order to manufacture our unparalleled solutions. Building only the most durable and long-lasting equipment, we continue to set the standard for reliability with products that can withstand the relentless pressures of your fast-paced operation – today and tomorrow.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to keep on innovating towards even greater efficiency and effectiveness in every one of our future endeavors. By working together, we’ll continue to develop powerful solutions that are simply profitable – because your bottom line is the bottom line.