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Earning options
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New Member Bonus!

15 techtown points

We’re so happy you’re here, you get 15 points just for signing up!

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Reply To A Post!

1 techtown point

You can earn 1 point up to 10 times a day just by chiming in. Let’s hear what you have to say.

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New Topic!

1 techtown point

Ask a question or
start a new conversation to earn 1 point up to 5 times a day.

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Refer A Member!

10 techtown points

Techtown is a lot more fun with friends! Ask a friend to join and you’ll earn 10 points when they do. You can earn points for up to 25 friends per month.

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Techtown Star!

100 techtown points

You have gone above and beyond. As an expert, your valuable knowledge has really made a difference around here and we’re very grateful.

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Favorite Topic!

2 techtown points

All you have to do is hit the like button when you see a topic you, well…like. Some of the easiest and most fun points you’ll ever earn!

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Create A New Group!

5 Points

You’ve gathered a few friends and created a new group in your personal social network here on techtown. Nice job – 5 points for you!


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