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  • ectofix

    June 10, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Definitely taking note of your experiences with Unox for my supposed “meeting” (any day now).


    I’m in-house at a large resort.  We don’t have any of the original Rational Classic-line, but have those CCCs and CCDs from the C-line (mid-90s vintage).  Those are the elders needing replaced.  We also have a handful of CPCs (late-90s to early 2000s) and eleven SCCs (from 2004 on).  Three SCCs are index E (just CleanJet for cleaning the oven) and the rest index G (with the drawer for the pellets going to the boiler).


    I’ve come to know the SCCs quite well and I favor the index G units for that CareControl feature, which keeps the limescale down if done often enough.  For in-house folks like me, that design is a blessing.  Feed it a few pills, walk away and come back later to check its vitals.  For you field techs, the tablets are probably a joke if the owners of the ovens don’t know how to clean them frequently.


    Anyway, I posted my concerns under this thread title “IMPORTS” because of the resurgence of combi-ovens from Europe here lately.  I don’t mind their being imported.  The Europeans had that market from the beginning anyway.  Cleveland, Alto-Shaam, Henny Penny, etc. all started or still have their combi-ovens by marketing rebadged European models.  BKI, Lang and others have jumped onto the bandwagon.  Eloma (not rebadged), kind of like Rational, might make their presences know the correct way.

    But then I get thrown a name like Unox which, from my research, only has the slightest affilation with Cadco, has a very ambiguous website regarding their products, NO manuals, NO parts support from anyone…and one address from a suite at a business park in Newtown PA to represent them.  Their toe is j-u-s-t pointed into the water and might’ve gotten a few drops of moisture on it, but it’s a bad start already when a few replacement parts entering into the U.S. takes months to get hung by a technician due to customs.

    Kinda resembles the circumstances regarding that Arctic Air (I think it was, from bustedknuckles statement) when  I worked on that one and that manufacturer’s rep guy I called got me a part I needed by taking it from another unit in his warehouse.