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Quick look: affordable line of new tool backpacks from Amazon

50 pocket tool backpack

Tool backpacks are nothing new, and have always been popular with technicians looking to help keep their back healthy and reduce the risk of other health problems. By replacing older single shoulder strap bags, tool backpacks are a great way to continue carrying a full bag of tools without the usual risks.

What is new however is a new line of tool backpacks from Amazon Basics. For those who have not yet ordered anything from Amazon Basics, you really are missing out on some great deals. Amazon essentially takes many of the most popular products sold by third parties on their site, then introduces a cheaper and/or better version under their own brand. Amazon Basics offers everything from toilet paper to HDMI cables. 

One of the newest product lines introduced by Amazon is an assortment of affordable tool backpacks. As always, when Amazon does something, they don’t hold back, which might explain why they launched 5 different bags at the same time. 

On the site, you’ll find the following bags:

Each bag has weight reducing straps, padded back support, a reinforced bottom and a bright orange interior which makes it easier to find what you need. Bags also feature reinforced zippers, so overstuffing shouldn’t result in a catastrophic loss of your tools!

One big favor Amazon has done for potential customers is not putting their name all over the bag, so don’t worry about walking onto a job with a bag covered in Amazon logos. The only Amazon reference is a very small black embroidered logo on the front.

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The bags all feel really well made, with sturdy zippers and tool pockets that can easily be stretched without ripping the stitching apart. 

The smallest of their bags features 16 inside pockets and 6 outside pockets as well as a laptop pocket suitable for machines up to 15.6 inches. 

The largest bag has 75 different pockets, split between 6 zippered portions, and filled with Velcro pouches, tool straps and much more. At just under $75, this one is a real bargain. 

Like many of the products we introduce here on techtown, if you are interested in reviewing one of these bags for us, visit our review program page and provide your information through the form.