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Techtown rewards – what are they, and how can you spend them?

Welcome to the new and improved techtown. By now, we hope you have found your way around, trying out all the new features and enjoying the design of the site.

Eagle-eyed members will have no doubt seen the “pts” reference in the top right of their account (when logged in). This number is your points balance. Points are earned for most actions on the site; from leaving a reply on a discussion topic to creating a private group. Site moderators can also award bonus points for extra helpful community members.

Unlike most sites where points only earn you a virtual badge of honor, techtown points can be exchanged for real items.

The techtown shop features a little bit of everything, and we plan to update the store as often as possible. If you can’t find anything to spend your points on, we’re always open to suggestions!

To give you a taste of techtown rewards without having to put all the hard work into earning them, we’ll award 50 free points to the first three members who leave a comment on this post. Rewards are free, as is shipping (the USA and Canada only). If you’d like to learn a bit more about techtown rewards, head on over to our support page

Now, go enjoy earning your points as you work towards something great from the store!