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How to Repair a True Refrigeration Cabinet with R290: VIDEO

In this comprehensive video, learn how to safely use R290 refrigerant to repair a True Refrigeration cabinet. As one of the most well-know and widely-used commercial refrigeration brands out there, it’s important to understand the proper method for using R290.

Keep in mind that, before you begin the repair, there are some key safety procedures to perform:

  • Make sure that the True Refrigeration cabinet unit has a designated sticker that indicates it’s safe to use R290.
  • Don’t leave the system open for more than 15 minutes.
  • Always change the drier when the system is opened.
  • Use a micron gauge, combustible gas leak detector, a safety placard and a charging valve. Use the charging valve if you’re using a 1-lb cylinder R290 supply.
  • Evacuate the system to 500 microns.
  • Don’t add anything to the REF system except a flushing agent, nitrogen, R290 refrigerant and refrigerant oil.
  • Ensure you’re in a well-ventilated area.

Once you’ve followed the safety procedures and have the right tools on hand, you’re ready to begin.

Warning: Any handling of R290 refrigerant requires certified training and authorization. The tips and procedures outlined in this article/video are only for authorized service agents with proper certification. Performing these steps or any associated repairs on equipment without proper authorization, training or certification can be dangerous and void the manufacturer warranty. Authorized technicians should refer to manufacturer instructions for further information. Techtown disclaims any liability for property damage, injury or death as a result of using these tips and procedures.