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Take Your Wireless Measurements to the Next Level with measureQuick


In another great tie-in to our recent article on the latest digital manifolds from testo, we’re covering a tool many of you are possibly familiar with – measureQuick.

MeasureQuick is a brand-agnostic application for Android and iOS that greatly enhances how you see, collect and even stream data from your wireless tools. With support for HVACR manifolds, door and duct leak testing, combustion analysis and even electrical tests, measureQuick brings all of your tools together into a single app.

measurequick wireless tools

Inside the app, you have instant access to the live data from your tools, along with a whole host of helpful troubleshooting tips, photo capture, data collection and much more. What really helps the tech in the field is that you can use a single app for all your tools instead of having to rely on the often weaker app delivered by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer support includes some of the biggest names in wireless tools, including Fieldpiece, testo, Blu, iManifold and Redfish. The app is fully optimized for use on a phone as well as tablets, taking excellent advantage of the available screen size.

MeasureQuick is developed by a small team, and they really put a lot of effort into continuously improving the features and the add-ons available for the app. For a small fee users can create PDF reports of the job, save photos of work performed and parts replaced, store cloud data and even stream live measurements to another user of the app.

To get started with measureQuick, download the Android version or the iOS version, or visit their website to check out an online demo and training resources.