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From Welbilt: The Importance of Genuine OEM Parts

Cleveland 2018

The recent Pandemic affected the lives of everyone emotionally, financially, and practically. Similarly, every technician faced multiple issues while working in the field, but Welbilt didn't lose its performance in this pandemic situation. 

For every business, whether Its restaurant, eatery, hotel, and industry, foodservice equipent such as commercial refrigerators, ovens, and grills play a Significant role. For instance, if you think that the kitchen equipment is not working correctly, will it satisfy the customers at the restaurant or hotel? 

Safety & Reliability of Components

To maintain your reputation, you need to deliver high-quality products to your clients. In terms of dependability and safety, kitchen equipment has a considerable impact on quality. Each unit is extensively tested and approved before being delivered by Welbilt to meet the highest standard of achievement.

Constantly, the Project Managers evaluate existing and new equipment components to ensure safety and reliability while maximizing service life.

How non-OEM Components Affect the Kitchen Equipment

Due to the current COVID restrictions, business owners are often forced to find cost-saving methods to stay in business and remain profitable. Saving money requires reducing equipment repair costs as much as possible. Unfortunately, a significant part of that desire includes searching for non-OEM components. 

But did you know that even the tiniest components can have a significant impact on your main features? For example, little cost savings on a replacement item can cost more in the long run if function dependability is not met. In addition, the lifespan and performance of counterfeit parts can be greatly decreased.

Welbilt Technical staff can tell you of cases of fake replacement components whose function differed from requirements and had a significant impact on other parts and the equipment itself. In addition, there are many components in Welbilt equipment that, if not properly maintained, can fail or shorten the equipment's lifespan. 

How is the Welbilt team working on Equipment enhancement?

Commercial kitchen equipment always needs upgrading and maintenance from time to time. Welbilt's operations team is always looking for ways to enhance our equipment. Welbilt KitchenCare will ensure that the appropriate materials are supplied to improve the life of the commercial equipment with their parts supersession and identification.

Welbilt KitchenCare is committed to providing quality components to count on when one needs them the most. Replacement parts that are critical to the functioning of the equipment are assured to deliver more excellent value and dependability.

Source: Welbilt KitchenCare