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  • My maxx ice 50 How do I fix this

    My maxx ice 50 How do I fix this 1 fixbear updated 2 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 3 Posts
  • My maxx ice 50 How do I fix this 2


    November 24, 2017 at 12:00 am

    My max ice 50 will make ice and dump fine, then it ices over and the water keep flowing. How do I fix this

  • My maxx ice 50 How do I fix this 3


    November 24, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Try cleaning it by following the instructions in the instruction manual, page 20 – entitled “Ice-making system cleaning and sanitizing”.  Here’s the manual:  MAX ICE MIM50 INSTRUCTION MANUAL


    If that doesn’t do it, then their phone number is on the last page.  Call them to identify a service company nearest you.

  • My maxx ice 50 How do I fix this 2


    November 24, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Max Ice are not my favorite machines, but let’s see if we can help you a bit.  First off they have to be level.  Very level!.  Next they have to have a clean evaporator and condenser. Especially the condenser.  OH, and the fan has to move the right amount of air as well as the air being between 55F and 90F.  To hot or to cold and they get very funny due to the control design.  Also water has to be a good quality as they don’t dump it like other machines for scale. water temp must be below 60F to work right..


    Let me explain to you what is happening to your machine.  It’s not going into harvest mode.  Why?  Because the evaporator sensor is either not working or not getting cold enough.  The machine has 2 sensors for temperature.  One for the condenser,  to protect the compressor.  And one for the evaporator to initiate the harvest timer. The machine goes into a freeze mode and runs till the evaporator sensor tell’s the controller that the tail coil of the evaporator is in a hard freeze mode.  At that point the controller starts to time the freeze cycle.  After the set time it stops the pump and opens the harvest solenoid to defrost the evaporator and cause to ice to fall off. You said that the pump never stops, so we know it isn’t going into harvest..  Watch the machine when it first starts to freeze and see how long it takes for the tail coil to show frost.


    Causes of a delayed freeze are:;  1) Dirty condenser.  2) low air flow thru the condenser,  3) Low charge,  4) low refrigerant metering,  5) Leaking harvest solenoid.  6) water leakage causing incoming water to add heat.  (dirty water manifold or not level. Or drain valve leaking)

    Other  problems are that the thermister that senses to evaporator temp is out of spec or open. Or has a loose connection.


    The one thing you may want to try is reducing the cube size before changing anything but after you clean the machine.  Most Ice Machine problems across the board come back to a dirty machine.

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