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  • Trying to solve a Convotherm e5.1.5.0 error

    Posted by Anonymous on September 3, 2023 at 10:57 pm

    Unit: Convotherm C4eT 6.20 GS -N

    Error: e5.1.5.0 Gas Error

    Attempted power cycle a few times, keeps coming back within a minute or so of power on.

    Disconnected gas line going into first gas valve and made sure I had gas, then reconnected.

    Disconnected leaving first gas valve and had gas pressure, then reconnected.

    Made sure hose was good going into the gas valve with the controller, and because I could not find any manuals on the unit decided to just replaced that gas valve, O-ring, and controller as I had no way to troubleshoot beyond that point.

    Finally comes in and I replace it, same error pops up.

    I decided to switch main boards with the other oven (they are stacked ovens).


    I can not see any other sensors or any boards that would be reading a sensor at this point, I’m about to give up and just have them call an authorized tech out, all I was working off was a wiring diagram in German which I do not speak, and I have given up on finding a meaningful manual.

    This is my last ditch effort at getting some answers after coming across this site with someone trying to solve a different but related error on one of these God forsaken units.

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