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  • What’s your favorite GPS/Navigation App??

  • gregct

    April 8, 2021 at 1:41 am

    After 20 yrs as an ‘In-house’ Tech for a large Casino Resort, I’m finding myself back on the road after an extended Covid-related shutdown & layoff. Last time I was on the road I had a milkcrate full of County Map books, good luck finding one, now… What are you using? Google maps is great, and fairly accurate, but there’s no settings for driving a ‘Commercial Vehicle’, and I’ve found myself being directed to “Passenger Car Only” roads…recent job in Manhattan had me following a NYPD patrol car for almost 5 miles on the FDR Drive at the speed limit just hoping he (or she) didn’t notice I had no windows on the van ( a bit nerve wracking, fines are enormous) . I’ve tried Sygic Truck, with good results, but their subscription fee is outrageous, and they don’t seem to get info on road closures/detours like Google for re-direction. I prefer Android, but the work phone is iOS and I have a Windows 10 tablet I keep with me for Service Manuals etc., so OS is not an issue, anything that works well, but doesn’t cost a mint is good. Any recommendations ??

  • techtownmayor

    April 8, 2021 at 10:00 am

    It really is weird that Google hasn’t stepped up to improve its app by including routing for commercial vehicles, the audience is huge here.

    As you noticed, Sygic is about as good as it gets despite its $90/year price. Most of their competitors have left the market… I have noticed that Sygic seems to run promos all the time, though their prices are all over the place. When I started using their software, the app was cheap, and they only had 2 add-ons, now they have moved almost all features to be add-ons, and the prices keep going up… If you think you’ll need it, I’d recommend just locking in the lifetime pricing while you can.

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