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    April 7, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Hi all. Just locking back and fordward, and also I just writed and have an excelent reception from the Carter-Hoffmann tech support,. just they send to me the owner manual and the unit is a Retherm Holding Cabinet made for McDonalds, models are MD1144 (our) , MD832 and MD2832. The model that I put in the message is just the model that show the aluminium sticker at the rear of the cabinet.


    i told fermenter and oven, because was sell to us how a unit to stay the bread for awhile and after to cook it .


    I still trying to find the service manual once the dispalys once the unit is powered on, then warm up bt not display of any type.


    Sorry for my limited english. I´m doing my best efforts.


    All the best and if you can help me with the service manual will be great.


    All the best.