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Review new tools for yourself and tell us all about it.

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Instead of watching us review the hottest new tools, we’re asking the real professionals, like you, to chime in.  Once you sign up, you could be chosen to receive something new to test and review. We’ll share what you think with the rest of the techtown community. You’re gonna be a star!

If you’ve been a techtown member for more than 3 months or you’ve created over 50 posts, you’re eligible!

How to Create the Best Review

  • Your review can be written (with photos, please) or a video.
  • Please keep in mind, photos and videos should be high res and clear, think TV-ready.
  • No need to mention the price or where the tool can be purchased, because that can change– we’ll make sure all that info is supplied alongside your review.
  • Feel free to mention your name, but please don’t include other people in your video or mention other people or companies by name – it’s for legal reasons.

Yep, There Are Rules 

You’ll need to provide your review within 4 weeks of receiving your item. If you need more time, please email

Keep in mind, reviews need to be honest, helpful and contain enough info to help everyone else make a well-informed decision about purchasing the tool you’re reviewing.

If a product arrives defective or missing components, please contact We’ll get that squared away ASAP.

You can only review one new tool once every 6 months unless the value of the initial review product is over $1000, then it may be longer. We’ll let you know.

You can keep the product you review unless your boss says you can’t. Better ask to make sure.

For now, the techtown review program is only open to members in the U.S. When this changes (and we hope it does soon), we’ll be sure to let you know. We want to hear from everyone!

Techtown makes no ownership claim to your review, but we’d like to ask you to not share your review or video anywhere else for 12 months after it’s published on techtown.

Do you represent a company that manufactures tools? Sure, we’d like to post your review, too! Drop us an email at


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  1. I am constantly looking for the right tool for the job. I’m not easy on what I am using and have only bought quality. Constantly reading into the store and reviews are what make me puchase an item. I have 5 kids under the age of nine so I have a lot of repairs on my plate as well as projects. Quality over quantity

  2. I want build my own stuff without ask my neighbors for his tools like sometimes I need a handdrill or handsaw . Like right now I have project build some stairs that I want do but I don’t have tools to do it

  3. Hello,
    I enjoy working with my hands. I am a 30 year automotive technician. Master ASE and master Nissan. I use many power tools and love to try new tools out. I would give honest reviews of the tools and would love to try some out. Let’s do this.

  4. I am a current employee for molyneux and we use all types of tools for the flooring, carpeting to cabinets and countertops and all types of painting and we go through alot of brands to find the right products for the jobs and we would love to review your tools during out jobs and for the new commercial coming up soon. Thanks for the opportunity

  5. I am constantly looking for the right tool for the job. I’m not easy on what I am using and have only bought quality. Constantly reading into the store and reviews are what make me puchase an item. I have 5 kids under the age of nine so I have a lot of repairs on my plate as well as projects. Quality over quantity

  6. Glad to be apart of this community and the chance to give reviews on products. My husbands a plumber that uses Milwaukee tools alot and I’m a big DIY’er that need a big variety of tools. Can’t wait to get the chance to give a review

  7. Hey I’m a carpenter out of Wilmington NC I really only use Makita or Dewalt unless its a Sawzall then its. A Milwaukee i use my tools hard and looking forward to try to test some things and give the best and most honest review

  8. I’ve been using the Milwaukee impact tool for 2 years now use it everyday and this is by far the best tool I’ve ever had. As well as my Milwaukee electric grease gun best money I’ve ever spent. I wish I could test some more of Milwaukees tools like a drill, grinder, all the stuff I can use on the farm even tools like wrenches etc. I wanna go all Milwaukee on the farm. Thanks for the best tools that’s heavy duty build.

  9. Milwaukee tools have been long time favorite of mine for long time and pulling away from all the competitors. For newbies looking for their first set of power tools or seasoned pro building his dream home, Milwaukee has got your back.

  10. I am a huge DIY’er and repair small engines, appliances, and general handyman projects for friends and family. I flip houses so having the right tool for each job, especially quality tools, immensely reduces project timelines

  11. Would like to start being a tool tester and review your products I am a carpenter handyman and I put super stress on tools if they hold up to the punishment if just everyday use then I’ll give u a 5 star review.thanks.

  12. I use my power tools, saws, drills, grinders etc. On a daily basis. I own a company that does just about everything from painting to deck building. I’m always looking for the best tool for the job and ones that do not let you down day in day out. Your only as good as your tools.

  13. I work on cars and never have the right tools for the job. Also do a lot of work around the house helping my mother with what needs fixing and can never find the right tools for what needs fixing.

  14. I’ve recently started renovating our existing home for the first time by myself… And I’ve done anywhere from sheetrock to sub-floor replacement ect…. I have bought all necessary tools needed to get the job done, but feel that there are better powered tools out there that will perform a whole lot better than the ones I’m using as well as me never have used let alone Heard of.
    So I would definitely be a great candidate to tryout new and inventive tools.

  15. Between working on motors to working on the family farm tools are needed in daily aspects of life.
    I would love to see great reviews and even give great reviews to help my family/myself to also help other people find what tools will work for them.
    Just trying to see if there are better tools out there than what I have used, or I am using currently

  16. I spend a lot of time with DIY projects indoors, outdoors and even for others. I love tools and am always looking for new tools and gadgets to help improve my my work or make easier and more efficient. I just heard about your program and I am very interested in being a part of it. I am always excited about the prospect of trying out tools, whether for woodworking, building, repairing, painting, refinishing or creating projects. Hoping this will be a nice opportunity as I am working on a new business and going back to school.

  17. Would love to review tools power tools or even any kind of lawn maintenance tools snow removal equipment. I own a landscaping and lawn maintenance company and always looking to try new tools we even do our own maintenance on our equipment and trucks

  18. Just recently bought my house and have an amazing workshop that I’m just getting started turning into a woodworking shop. Looking for the best tools i can get that are quality and will not only perform well but be durable and last a long time. So far I have a 2@ year old ryobi table saw that is kinda scary to use lol and a ryobi router but no table with it and a couple small sanders. Would love to be able to review tools and give my honest opinions on them to others to help them out as well. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

  19. I work in the refineries, I’m always looking for tools to make the job as easy as possible. We use mostly 3/4” and 1” air impacts, but whenever possible we like to use 3/4” drive battery impacts. I would love to really put a top of the line 3/4” impact to the test to see what it’s really capable of, and show people the true power of Milwaukee tools.

  20. I’m a brand spanking newbie to the site, in order to obtain 50 posts to be eligible. Could anyone help me in understanding what qualifies to being a post? For example, does this comment count as a post?