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Techtown Reviewer Program – review tools for us!

Review new tools for yourself and tell us all about it.

First, Sign Up

Instead of watching us review the hottest new tools, we’re asking the real professionals, like you, to chime in.  Once you sign up, you could be chosen to receive something new to test and review. We’ll share what you think with the rest of the techtown community. You’re gonna be a star!

If you’ve been a techtown member for more than 3 months or you’ve created over 50 posts, you’re eligible!

How to Create the Best Review

  • Your review can be written (with photos, please) or a video.
  • Please keep in mind, photos and videos should be high res and clear, think TV-ready.
  • No need to mention the price or where the tool can be purchased, because that can change– we’ll make sure all that info is supplied alongside your review.
  • Feel free to mention your name, but please don’t include other people in your video or mention other people or companies by name – it’s for legal reasons.

Yep, There Are Rules 

You’ll need to provide your review within 4 weeks of receiving your item. If you need more time, please email

Keep in mind, reviews need to be honest, helpful and contain enough info to help everyone else make a well-informed decision about purchasing the tool you’re reviewing.

If a product arrives defective or missing components, please contact We’ll get that squared away ASAP.

You can only review one new tool once every 6 months unless the value of the initial review product is over $1000, then it may be longer. We’ll let you know.

You can keep the product you review unless your boss says you can’t. Better ask to make sure.

For now, the techtown review program is only open to members in the U.S. When this changes (and we hope it does soon), we’ll be sure to let you know. We want to hear from everyone!

Techtown makes no ownership claim to your review, but we’d like to ask you to not share your review or video anywhere else for 12 months after it’s published on techtown.

Do you represent a company that manufactures tools? Sure, we’d like to post your review, too! Drop us an email at


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  1. I am constantly looking for the right tool for the job. I’m not easy on what I am using and have only bought quality. Constantly reading into the store and reviews are what make me puchase an item. I have 5 kids under the age of nine so I have a lot of repairs on my plate as well as projects. Quality over quantity