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Robot from DishCraft (almost) fixes the worst part about doing the dishes

Dishcraft robotic dish washing machine

At home, we have to manually load our dishwasher, then unload the same stuff and put it away, then repeat it all over again. Despite the process saving us hours of manually washing, even the simple task of loading and unloading is often just too much.

At foodservice locations, the process is mostly the same, just on a much larger scale of course. Staff still need to load racks, then unload them at the end of the cycle.

Robotics company DishCraft thinks it has a solution – a fully automated dish washing machine.

In the video above, you can see the machine in action, and you’ll also immediately spot some of the drawbacks; the machine appears to only support a single size plate and it looks like the plates still come out of the cycle on standard racks requiring manual unloading.

Of course, machines like this tend to get better and better over time, and I’m sure we’ll have fully robotic dish washing systems within the next decade. Are you ready to help repair our new robotic overlords?