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Best PM Checklist Software & Apps for Service Technicians

Best PM Checklist Software Apps for Service Technicians

Whether it’s commercial foodservice or HVAC, preventative maintenance tasks are essential. However, managing jobs, orders and schedules can be tricky for any service company. Not to mention, manually tracking and recording paperwork can be a hassle. Different software solutions and mobile apps can help keep everything managed and organized all from one platform. Looking to enhance your team’s process? Below are PM checklist software and apps that are simple to use.

1. UpKeep

UpKeep App Play Store PM Checklist Software Apps

Founded in 2015, UpKeep is one of the fastest-growing preventative maintenance solutions on the market. Its computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) helps streamline workflow for both service technicians, companies and equipment operators. The app and software allow users to monitor and manage preventative maintenance scheduled through UpKeep’s cloud-based CMMS. It also lets technicians store PM checklists, manuals and logs all from the app, meaning they can work effectively from their smartphones or apps.

UpKeep also tracks downtime, usage and costs of assets as well as run reports, set up workflows and assign work orders. Perhaps one of its best features is that it integrates into a wide variety of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Fleet Management and IoT systems, meaning you can seamlessly implement the software into other workflow solutions.

Available on Apple iOS, Google Android


2. EMaint / Fluke Mobile

Fluke Mobile App Play Store PM Checklist Software Apps

Emaint developed its CMMS in the 1980s but continues to evolve its platform and create user-friendly solutions. It offers a PM software that allows users to create an unlimited number of scheduled tasks and meter-based projects. For each created task record, you can add job descriptions, guidance and other key details. You can even edit the task to include multiple sequences, providing technicians step-by-step procedures of a scheduled job.

Another beneficial feature eMaint offers is predictive maintenance (PdM) software, which allows service companies to be proactive with their customers by monitoring equipment performance and scheduling planned appointments. Its Condition Monitoring tool lets you set up acceptable operation parameters and import equipment readings and results. Whenever equipment exceeds those set boundaries, the tool automatically triggers emails and generates work orders.

The software is very easy to use on mobile browsers, so you can easily access it from your smartphone or tablet. It also is available via the Fluke Mobile app. The app lets you create, check and process work orders as well as search for asset history, add attachments, create work procedures and parts charges and use barcode and fingerprint scanning.

Available on Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows (8.1+)


3. GoCanvas

GoCanvas App Play Store PM Checklist Software Apps

GoCanvas has a platform that can handle everything from data entry and retention to digitized paperwork and task assignment. The software can be used in multiple businesses, including construction, manufacturing and even salons and spas. The good news is that it has features perfectly suited for service technicians in any field, too.

The software offers several digital checklist options that your company can customize to suit different maintenance projects. Just enter the information and steps applicable to the job, and it will populate an easy-to-use checklist that your techs in the field can access on the app. The checklist not only lets a user check off completed tasks, but it also allows the user to mark any problems, leave comments and add photos.

Another bonus GoCanvas has is the Field Service Form app. It allows technicians to enter customer and repair information and automatically tallies cost and sales tax for accurate estimates. The form also lets customers sign electronically, and it’s easily accessible to your service company’s back office for quick, paperless processing.


Available on Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows (8.1+)

What’s Your Favorite PM Checklist Software or App?

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