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Milwaukee Standard 15 pc and Metric 15pc Wrench Sets

mailwaukee 1

Note: this review of the Milwaukee Standard 15 pc and Metric 15pc Wrench Sets is member-submitted as part of the techtown tool review program. If you'd like to join and write reviews for fellow members, visit the techtown review program page.

Both sets are very well-designed ergonomics and for grabbing bolts. They do not slip and the design in the front of the wrench is specifically designed to allow more torque.

I was a bit backed off on using them at first in a dirty environment as they look so nice, so I used a normal metric wrench on a bolt and it continued to slip despite being the right size, I then pulled out the same size from the metric set from Milwaukee (which was easy to find in their well organized and sturdy case) and with a bit of force was able to get the bolt off without any slip.

mailwaukee 3

They feel very nice in your hands, are color-coded based for metric (black writing and black case) or standard (red writing and red case). While not the cheapest set on the market I believe they are worth the money and are a must for anyone who uses wrenches on a routine basis.

Lastly, Milwaukee made the cases for each into triangles so that they can slip into a side-by-side fashion which can take up one drawer of space and looks very sharp. They also have a ratcheting version of this same wrench set if you prefer that option, while it does come at a higher cost from everything I have read they are very durable and those that purchased them felt the investment was worth it.

The Milwaukee 15-piece combination wrench set costs $129 and is available in SAE and Metric. Each set features a lifetime guarantee