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Why is a Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature?

Why is a Thermostat Not Reaching Set Temperature

A thermostat is used in a wide variety of applications to help set and maintain temperature, according to the desire of the user or piece of equipment's intended set point. But, why is it that sometimes doesn't seem to be operating at the right temperature? In this quick guide, we'll break down those factors that are resulting in a thermostat not reaching set temperature.

Thermostat is Dirty & Needs to be Cleaned

Whether it's a refrigerator or an HVAC unit, a very common issue is that the thermostat and surrounding area are dirty and need to be cleaned. To clean the thermostat, turn off the unit and gently wipe down the area with a soft brush or cloth. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or debris. Many thermostats are sensitive, and the vacuum can damage the component. 

Sensor is Damaged

If the display screen is showing the intended temperature but the unit is operating below or above that temperature, check the sensor. The sensor is responsible for maintaining the temperature. If a manual reset doesn't help, you might need to replace the thermostat.

Recalibration Required

Whether it's a commercial refrigerator, fryer or HVAC unit, equipment sometimes needs to be recalibrated. Everything from batteries to power outages to incorrect installation can create incorrect thermostat readings. Use a thermometer to check the temperature. Reset the thermostat and use the same thermometer to confirm temperature readings. If there unit is still not reaching the intended temperature set point, it will need to be replaced. issue remains the same, it is suggested to the technicians to replace the thermostat unit. 

Improper Wiring

Improper connections result in the thermostat not reaching the set temperature. Check if the wiring connections are loose and adjust them accordingly, so they're tight enough. 

Poor Airflow

Bad airflow can play a key factor with a thermostat. If the unit is in a tight or warm spot, an insufficient flow of air during can hinder it from reaching the intended temperature. To improve the air flow, make sure the appliance or unit is moved to an area that isn't cramped or near other hot equipment.

Poor Electrical Power

If the thermostat isn't getting enough electrical power to perform efficiently, it won't always reach the set temperature. You might to check with local electric company to ensure proper power is being supplied to the facility or area where the unit is housed.

Thermostat is Unleveled

In an HVAC unit, old thermostats use a mercury switch to set the temperature. If the thermostat is imbalanced in the, the switch won't be able to set the proper temperature. Make sure it is leveled in a straight, horizontal direction.