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  • fixbear

    August 29, 2023 at 10:43 am

    Was the storage area heated? If not, I’m inclined to think that the condenser is gone and when that happens, you lose the charge as well as contaminate the refrigerant side of the machine. The ice not only ruptures the copper inside, but also breaks any scale loose that is what you’ll see in the outlet. After replacing the condenser, It takes a lot of vacuuming and filter change to clean it up. And if it’s POE oil, a flush and oil replacement. POE is very hydroscopic. It sucks moisture out of the air and can’t be removed easily by vacuuming. Even below 400 microns. We always try to buy it in small cans as when you open it you have to toss any not used.

    Stationary refrigeration is a lot more sensitive than Automotive. Especially ice machines. They have to be spotlessly clean inside due to the valving.

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