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The 4 Best HVAC Smart Probes on the Market

testo 557s

The switch to digital probes has gained more steam in recent years throughout the HVAC/R trade. With more and more options flooding the market, it can be difficult for most HVAC or foodservice technicians to find a solution that suits their needs. Luckily, we've compiled a quick list of the best HVAC smart probes to consider for your toolbox.

1. Testo 557s 4-Way Smart Digital Manifold w/ Bluetooth Set

Testo 557s Kit

Testo is one of the standards in HVAC tools and makes a wide selection of world-class smart probes. While you can't go with most of their options, this fully loaded manifold really stands out from the rest. The 557s boasts a large, clear display screen, and it comes equipped with wireless temperature probes, a vacuum probe and a case. With Bluetooth connectivity, you also can easily document readings and measurements on your smartphone or tablet.

If you want some more insight, one of our user's wrote a thorough review highlighting the benefits of the testo 557s.

Product Listing – ($649)

2. UEi HUB8 Smart Refrigeration Probes Deluxe Kit

UEi HUB8 Kit

With the HUB8 kit, servicing and charging an AC or refrigeration system is quick and easy. The set comes with a pipe clamp, pressure and wireless hygrometer probes as well as a durable case for convenient storage. The vacuum gauge and outdoor thermometer probe integrate seamlessly into the UEI app on Android and iOS, providing accurate and real-time readings on everything from superheat and line pressure to evacuation and rise calculations.

Product Listing – ($680)

3. Fieldpiece Job Link® System Charge and Air Kit

Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Kit

The kit comes equipped with two pressure probes, two pipe clamps, two psychrometers and a durable case. Boasting a wireless range of 1,000 feet, you can send readings and measurements can to the Job Link app on your mobile phone or tablet. The pipe clamps feature Rapid Rail technology that register fast and accurate temperature readings, and the psychometers have a flexible probe and sliding magnet for easy operation.

Product Listing – ($592)

4. YellowJack® ManTooth® Dual Pressure Wireless Digital Gauge Set

YellowJacket Mantooth Set

If you don't need all the bells and whistles, this set is much more affordable but still doesn't cut corners. It comes with two temperature probe clamps, a USB cable, hardware with boot and built-in Schrader ports for adjusting refrigerant charge. Connecting to the ManTooth® app, you can wirelessly calculate and display real-time pressure, temperature, superheat and subcooling right on your smartphone or tablet.

Product Listing – ($300-400)

What Are Your Best HVAC Smart Probes?

These are just our four favorite HVAC smart probes. If you have one that you want to recommend, share it with us in the forum under Tools of the Trade.