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About Component Hardware Group

Established in 1981, Component Hardware is a global market leader of innovative design solutions and manufacturer of industrial components and assemblies in food service, healthcare, construction, commercial services and institutions. Our customers rely on us to provide casting, forging, stamping, machining, injection molding, extruding, fabrication and custom sub assembly solutions. Our 38 years of mastering our craft, and our revolutionary solutions, along with our extensive global supply chain partnerships, enhance our customers’ businesses with the latest industry standards and innovation.

We save our customers valuable time as a comprehensive supplier, leaving them free to focus on their businesses instead of multiple supplier transactions. Our three flagship brands are Keil® in refrigeration, Flame Gard® for grease filters and cooking hood accessories, and Encore® for plumbing hardware. Our formula with every brand begins with designing to your specifications, manufacturing, and ends with delivering you a product that enhances your brand image and quality.

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