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Member review: Fluke Pack30 professional tool backpack

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Bag layout

Fluke backpack

This techtown member has this to say about the bag:

A very intuitive placement of key pockets and a great layout. Lots of compartments for specialty tools and hand tools alike. One quick glance at your tools and you can tell if you left one somewhere, or, perhaps a coworker borrowed something.

Previous reviewers claim the bag tips over if opened fully. That is true, but can be remedied quite simply, by not opening the pack all the way. I am able to reach most tools without fully opening the case, and the bag remains upright.

While you may be tempted, as I was, to put all of your tools into the bag, it can get pretty heavy if you overfill it.

Since it is a backpack, you are left with both arms free to carry an extra tool bag, with the heavier tools, if necessary. This backpack seems very well made. It stands up and has a heavy-duty cable strap so it can be carried like a regular tool bag

Where to find it?

You’ll find the Fluke Pack30 tool backpack over at Amazon for just under $150. While this may seem quite high for a backpack when compared to some of the other options out there, we did find the Fluke to be made to the same quality standards you’d expect from this brand – rugged and dependable.

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