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Combination Pliers vs Linesman Pliers: Is There a Difference?

Combination Pliers vs Linesman Pliers

Whether it’s food equipment, HVAC or cars, there are many types of specialty pliers used to get the job done. Linesman and combination pliers are used to tackle various electrical projects. While some folks use the terms “combination” and “linesman” pliers interchangeable, there are a few notable differences. Let’s break down the difference between combination pliers vs linesman pliers.

What are Combination Pliers?

Combination Pliers Combination Pliers vs Linesman Pliers

Combination pliers are multi-purpose pliers primarily used to grip, bend and strip wiring, but they also can cut thin wires and cables. These pliers boast a square jaw that is perfect for compressing material, making them ideal for closing chain links on items like conveyors and jewelry.

Top Combination Pliers

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What are Linesman Pliers?

Linesman Pliers Combination Pliers vs Linesman Pliers

Linesman pliers are designed to grip, bend, strip and cut not only wiring but also cable and small metal components. While they’re used mainly for electrical work, they also can be used for pulling out nails and screws that are stuck in wood or other structures.

Top Linesman Pliers

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The Main Difference between Combination & Linesman Pliers

Based on what we’ve covered so far, there aren’t major differences between combination and linesman pliers. They both have the ability to cut, bend, strip and compress. However, there is a key variation in terms of design. Below is a quick breakdown of how each type of pliers is constructed:

  • Combination plier design – Combination pliers are shorter and have a lighter design. With narrow, tapered jaws similar to long-nose pliers, they’re able to easily grip and compress material.
  • Linesman plier design – Linesman pliers are longer and have a heftier construction. They also have reinforced, square-jaw profiles for optimal grip and sharper teeth to pull and cut wiring or cable.