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4 Best Multimeters for HVAC in 2022 & 2023

The best multimeters for HVAC come equipped with temperature, capacitance, frequency and inductance on top of your standard voltage, current, resistance and continuity checking features. We recommend buying only from reputable brands that come UL, CSA or TUV certified. 

The reason for this being is you’re entrusting your life to this piece of equipment sometimes several times a day, so you want an HVAC tester with accuracy, reliability and built-in safeguards against circuit breaks and shorts. These companies also stand behind the quality of their product with multi-year warranties and have a wide selection of multimeters best suited for professional technicians. 

Find out what others in the trade are swearing by in this guide below.

Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

Fluke 116 multimeter-best multimeters for HVAC
Source: Fluke

A true RMS multimeter, the fluke 116 is an HVAC professional favorite with its 600V CAT III safety rating. Some of the most notable features of this HVAC tool include microamps for flame sensor testing capabilities, low input impedance that eliminates ghost voltage and prevents false readings, and a LED backlit screen for increased visibility in dark and hard-to-see places. 

Although its thermometer doesn’t measure as high as other multimeters at a max of 725℉, its other selling points put this Fluke model at the top of the list of the best multimeters for HVAC. It even comes with a holster complete with probe holders and a strap for convenient storage and portability. Want to know more about Fluke? Consider reading a comparison on Fluke vs. Klein multimeters.

True RMS reading: Yes

Voltage: 600V

Temperature: 725℉

Warranty: 3 years

Additional features: Frequency, continuity, diode test, low input impedance, microamps, analog bar graph 

Price– $248.99

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC multimeter-best multimeters for HVAC
Source: Klein Tools

The Klein Tools MM600 HVAC multimeter made the final cut for its versatility and wide range of functions. Electricians are impressed by its ability to measure and test capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diodes, continuity and temperature. It has a 600V CAT IV/ 1,000V CATIII safety rating and measures up to 1,000V, 10A current, 40MOhms resistance and 1,000℉.

A low battery indicator reminds you when to charge and an easy-access fuse and battery compartment make for breezy replacements. The kit also includes a carrying case, test leads, alligator clips and thermocouple with adapter and batteries to utilize all of its many features. If you want one of the best multimeter for HVAC with all the do-dads and gizmos, then the model MM600 is the way to go.

True RMS reading: No

Voltage: 1,000V

Temperature: 1,000℉

Warranty: None

Additional features: Frequency, continuity, diode test, duty cycle, carrying case, test leads, thermocouple, batteries 

Price – $69.97

Fieldpiece HS36

Fieldpeice HS36-best multimeters for HVAC
Source: Fieldpiece

The Fieldpiece HS36, which leads the competition in built-in safety features with its high voltage and continuity indicators that beep and light up if exposed to a 30V or higher open circuit. A plus side to investing in a Fieldpiece tool is that it’s compatible with all the brand’s accessory heads, making it a one-stop shop for all your multimeter needs. What’s more, this energy-conscientious HVAC multimeter conserves its battery life with an auto shut-off feature that deactivates the device after 60 minutes of inactivity. 

Whereas other brands make you buy an aftermarket hanger, this multimeter has a built-in magnet for hand-free use. The purchase will also include detachable silicone test leads and alligator clip probe tips for ease of use.

True RMS reading: Yes

Voltage: 600V

Temperature: -30 to 1000°F

Warranty: 1 year

Additional features: Microamps, amp clamp, continuity, lead storage, min/max, silicone leads, alligator clips, auto power-down 

Price – $284.75

Amprobe AM-570 Industrial Multimeter  

Amprobe AM-570 industrial multimeter-best multimeters for HVAC
Source: Amprobe

Among the best multimeters for HVAC includes the electrician-grade Amprobe multimeter that comes imbued with a multitude of safety features, including a CSA certification with a 600V CAT IV and 1,000V CAT III safety rating. Taking it one step further, the device will beep when it detects the non-contact voltage and will alert you to shorts and open circuits as well as when the test leads have been improperly connected. 

It covers just about everything an HVAC technician would need out of a multimeter, measuring true RPM AC/DC current, frequency, resistance, capacitance, duty cycle, up to 1,000V and a temperature range of -40-1,832℉. The HVAC tool has some notable features as well with dual thermocouples for two simultaneous temperature readings, a low pass filter, a low impedance mode, a Max/Min average mode and a Rel mode.

True RMS reading: Yes

Voltage: 1,000V

Temperature: -40-1,832℉

Warranty: 1 year

Additional features: Non-contact voltage protection, frequency, low pass filter, low impedance, max/min average mode, Rel mode

Price – $244.99