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R134a Pressure Chart for Refrigerators, Prep Tables & More

R134a refrigerant is an ethane-based hydrofluorocarbon used in a wide variety of refrigeration equipment, HVAC units and cars. Used as a primary replacement for R12 refrigerant, R134a refrigerant is considered a safe option because it has non-toxic and non-flammable properties and doesn't corrode. To help service technicians better understand its properties, below are some common facts and a helpful R134a pressure chart for commercial refrigerators.

Major Properties of R134a Refrigerant

  • Boiling point: -14.9°F (-26.1°C)
  • Critical temperature: 252°F (122°C)
  • Auto ignition temperature: 1,418°F (770°C)
  • Ozone depletion level (ODL): 0
  • Global warming potential (GWP): 1,430

Alternate for R12 Refrigerant

Since R134a refrigerant has a lighter volume than R12 refrigerant, the charge needs to be properly adjusted when retrofitting a unit from R12 to R134a. Also, the unit typically needs to be modified to accommodate the new refrigerant. For instance, you might need to reconfigure the condenser and evaporator inside the unit and install smaller hoses.

The members on our forum have discussed retrofitting commercial refrigeration units from R12 to R134a. One of our members, Fixbear, noted that “an R-134a system will need a larger compressor and larger heat exchangers.” It also will have “lower capacity (run longer) and will probably develop higher head pressures (not enough condenser area).”

Refer to our conversion guide for more help adjusting to R134a refrigerant.

R134a Pressure-Temperature Chart

R134a Pressure Chart for Refrigerators Prep Tables More

Open and download the R134a Pressure-Temperature Chart