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What Pressure Should R404a Run at on a Cooler?

When conducting repairs or diagnostics on a commercial cooler or freezer with R404a refrigerant, checking the pressure is key. However, in order to know the proper pressure, you also need to identify the correct corresponding temperature. The chart below helps you know what pressure R404a should run at.

R404a Refrigerant Pressure Chart

– 50°F– 45.6°C0.1 psi
– 45°F– 42.8°C2 psi
– 40°F– 40°C4.3 psi
– 35°F– 37.2°C6.8 psi
– 30°F– 34.4°C9.6 psi
– 25°F– 31.7°C12.7 psi
– 20°F– 28.9°C16 psi
– 15°F– 26.1°C19.7 psi
– 10°F– 23.3°C23.6 psi
– 5°F– 20.6°C27.9 psi
0°F– 17.8°C32.6 psi
5°F– 15°C37.7 psi
10°F– 12.2°C43.1 psi
15°F– 9.4°C49 psi
20°F– 5.7°C55.3 psi
25°F– 3.9°C62.1 psi
30°F– 1.1°C69.3 psi
35°F1.7°C77.1 psi
40°F4.4°C85.4 psi
45°F7.2°C94.2 psi
50°F10°C103.6 psi
55°F12.8°C113.6 psi
60°F15.6°C124.2 psi
65°F18.3°C135.5 psi
70°F21.1°C147.4 psi
75°F23.9°C160.1 psi
80°F26.7°C173.4 psi
85°F29.4°C187.5 psi
90°F32.2°C202.4 psi
95°F35°C218.1 psi
100°F37.8°C234.6 psi
105°F40.6°C252.1 psi
110°F43.3°C270.4 psi
115°F46.1°C289.6 psi
120°F48.9°C309.9 psi
125°F51.7°C331.2 psi
130°F54.4°C353.5 psi
135°F57.2°C377 psi
140°F60°C401.7 psi
145°F62.8°C427.7 psi
150°F65.6°C455.1 psi

Download or print our R404a refrigerant temperature pressure chart.