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Checking a Garland SIT Control Safety Valve

Garland manufactures a wide selection of ranges and ovens that use SIT controls, which help regulate temperature in the unit. It's crucial that all authorized technicians know how routine check this component, so the griddle or oven continues working correctly. Below is a helpful instructional video from Welbilt KitchenCare that shows you instructions for checking a Garland SIT control safety valve.

Procedure for Checking a Garland Range SIT Control Safety Valve

The following video walks you through each step when checking and troubleshooting the control, which includes:

  • Using a millivolt DC multimeter and thermocouple metric adapter
  • Manually lighting the pilot to check the total output of the thermocouple
  • Checking the open circuit voltage
    • Acceptable multimeter readings are near 20-22 millivolts
  • Connecting jumper lead the adapter to complete the safety valve circuit
  • Checking the closed circuit voltage
    • Acceptable multimeter readings should be around half the millivolts from the open circuit adapter readings
  • Extinguishing the pilot flame
  • Checking the closed circuit voltage with cooled thermocouple
    • Acceptable multimeter readings should drop below 5 millivolts (about 3 millivolts when the valve clicks closed)

Check out the full Garland self-help video here.

Need more assistance repairing or installing a unit? Check out Welbilt Kitchencare for Garland self help resources.