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Hoshizaki Water Filter System Installation

If your client is looking to have a Hoshizaki water filtration system installed for their ice machine, knowing how to properly do so is important for its performance. Learn how to determine a good installation spot and how to mount the water filter system with the guide below.

Choose a Mounting Location

  • Determine unit’s weight—Before installation can begin, check the weight of the filtration unit to help determine the best mounting location. For the Hoshizaki 4HC-H systems, their weights are as follows:
    • Single: 7lbs/3.17kg
    • Twin: 15lbs/6.80kg
    • Triple: 21lbs/9.52kg
  • Select location—When deciding on a proper location for installing the water filtration system, make sure it adheres to these criteria:
    • The space allows for at least 2 ½” of clearance under the cartridge(s) to make replacing easier.
    • There’s space for both the in and out water lines.
    • The area is near a drain for flushing
  • Leave additional room—If you’re able to allow at least 6” of space on either side of the water filtration system, you should do so. This allows for space to be made in the event that an optional Everpure E-Series Prefilter needs to be installed due to poor water conditions.

General Operating Specifications

These specifications are applicable for a wide range of cartridges using cold water only. For specific details, check the individual cartridge.

  • Temperature range: 35-100°F / 2-38°C
  • Pressure: 10-125 psi / 0.708.6 bar, non-shock

Installing the Water Filter System

  • Step 1—Mark where the anchor holes will be by using the pre-drilled mounting holes in the manifold bracket as guides. Once marked, drill holes, then mount.
  • Step 2—Turn off power to the ice machine.
  • Step 3—Connect the outlet port of the filter system, making sure to use an NSF-approved pipe dope or Teflon tape at all connections. If you’re using an Everpure series filter, a manual shut-off valve should also be installed.
  • Step 4—Connect the water line to the inlet using a minimum ⅜” for single and ½” minimum for twin and triple systems.
  • Step 5—Connect the tubing to the flushing valve and run it to the drain. The flushing valve can be found  at the bottom of the cross fitting at the outlet.
  • Step 6—Install your Hoshizaki 4HC-H filter cartridge(s) into the filter head by following the directions provided on the cartridge itself.
  • Step 7—Turn on the water to the filter and check the system for leaks.
  • Step 8—Open the flushing valves to flush out the cartridge(s) at full force for 5 minutes. This helps set the filtering media and purges any air from the system to extend the filter life.
    • NOTE—All carbon filters must be flushed before use.
  • Step 9—Once you’re done flushing, close the flushing valve and turn the power back on.