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Ice-O-Matic CIM Pump Replacement Instructions

A consistent flow of water is vital for ice machines to continuously produce ice. A broken part, like a pump, could lead to a lack of water and, thus, no ice to keep customers’ drinks cool. If you already have the new part in hand, you’re already on the right track to get the old one swapped out. But if you’ve arrived at the job and realize you’re not feeling 100% about how to make the switch, these Ice-O-Matic CIM pump replacement instructions have you covered.

How to Replace an Ice-O-Matic CIM Pump

Removing the Old Pump

In order to access where the pump needs to be installed, the unit has some disassembly required.

  • Step 1. Remove the front panel – Slide the front panel up to remove it.
  • Step 2. Remove the top plate – Pop the top panel slightly up to pull the top plate out.
  • Step 3. Disconnect the hose – Remove the c-clip from the water distribution tubing and then disconnect both ends of it.
  • Step 4. Remove the curtains – The upper curtain can easily be pulled out. As for the lower assembly, carefully pop the pins out to remove it. 
  • Step 5. Remove the pan – Tuck the gray tubing into the pan and tilt the pan back at an angle. Then, push the pan down and into the bin so it can be rotated sideways and pulled out of the unit. 
  • Step 6. Remove gray tubing – Disconnect the gray tubing from the water pump. 
  • Step 7. Remove the pump – To remove the old pump, give it a quarter turn counterclockwise so it drops down. Then, disconnect the wire connected to the pump to pull it out.
    • Note. When removing the pump, keep your hands on it as it could drop into the bin after turning it. 

Installing the New Pump

Once everything is disassembled and the old pump has been removed, it’s time to install the CIM water pump.

  • Step 8. Verify the white collar is installed – The new pump should come with the white collar already installed. Make sure to inspect the new part and ensure it has that attached. Otherwise, you will need to install one and secure it with the two black thumbscrews.
  • Step 9. Connect the new pump – Connect the wire plug on the pump to the one that was disconnected in the unit. 
  • Step 10. Install the pump – Push the pump up into place and give it a quarter turn clockwise to lock it in. 
  • Step 11. Attach tubing to the pump – Take the gray tubing and attach it to the pump. 
  • Step 12. Reinstall the water trough – Slide the trough down into the bin sideways and rotate it. Bring the trough up at an angle and line it up over the lips on both sides of the machine to install it. Make sure to tuck the gray tubing into the pan before securing it into place.
  • Step 13. Reinstall the curtains – Reinstall the lower and then the upper curtain. Be sure the pins are secured while installing. 
  • Step 14. Reconnect the tubing – Connect the water tubing and secure it with the c-clip at the top.
  • Step 15. Reinstall the top plate – Slightly pop the top panel up to slide the top plate back into the unit.
  • Step 16. Reinstall the front panel – Slide the front panel down and into place.