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Deep Fryer Thermostat Calibration Instructions

Temperature fluctuations are bound to happen as hot side equipment endures prolonged use. When a call comes in about a unit not getting hot enough despite turning up the dial, it could be in need of maintenance from a tech. While the process may seem easy, it never hurts to have a set of deep fryer thermostat calibration instructions to guide you through the process.

How to Calibrate a Commercial Fryer Thermostat

Be sure the fryer is drained and powered on before beginning testing and calibration

  • Step 1. Set the temperature – On the thermostat, use the dial to set the temperature to 350 degrees and allow the fryer to cycle a few times so the temperature can stabilize. 
  • Step 2. Test the temperature – Use a probe thermometer to check the temperature of the temperature sensing bulb. If the temperature is off, calibration will be needed.
    • Note. Be careful not to touch the sides of the fryer in case it’s still hot
  • Step 3. Locate the calibration set screw – To be able to access the calibration set screw, the thermostat knob needs to be removed. 
  • Step 4. Adjust the calibration set screw – The calibration set screw can be turned to change the temperature. In most cases, turning clockwise will decrease the temperature and counterclockwise will increase. Check the temperature sensing bulb as adjustments are made to verify if it has been calibrated to the desired temperature.
    • Note. Consult the manufacturer manual to verify which way to turn the calibration set screw.