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5 Best Wire Strippers for Technicians for 2023

The best wire strippers for technicians for 2023 was no easy list to compile. We have all the top brands like Klein, Irwin, Channellock and more competing for space on the page, which means you really can’t go wrong with any one of these choices. But to help minimize purchase anxiety, we’ve taken the liberty of categorizing the wire-stripping tools based on anticipated needs. So scroll through, read a few blurbs and check out the latest and greatest 2023 has to offer!

Best Wire Strippers 

IRWIN vise-grip wire stripper-best wire strippers for technicians
Source: IRWIN

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper – 2078300

It’s a wire stripper, no, it’s a wire crimper, no, it’s a wire cutter, but, wait, it’s all three! The best wire strippers for technicians in 2023 come down to none other than the IRWIN VISE-GRIP 3-in-1 tool. This wire stripper is truly a work of craftsmanship, getting over 15,000 ratings of 4 stars or higher on Amazon for ergonomics, ease of use, stretch and comfort grip. 

The self-adjusting stripper removes the insulation on wires anywhere from 10-24 AWG, making it the go-to stripping tool for all your electrical endeavors be it work on residential homes or large appliances. Normally going for $38.44, it’s currently on sale for only $21.99

Best Electrician Wire Stripping Tool 

Milwaukee combination 6-in-1 wire strippers-best wire strippers for technicians
Source: Milwaukee

Milwaukee Combination 6-in-1 Wire Strippers – 48-22-3079

This jack-of-all-trades wire stripper can also be a plier, wire cutter, reamer, bolt cutter and loop maker, making it the ideal tool for electricians. With that kind of versatility, you can lighten your toolbox without sacrificing any of the staples. 

Not only are Milwaukee tools something you can pass down to your grandchildren, but now you don’t have to worry about rusting before they get there. These wire strippers are forged with alloy steel that fortifies them against corrosion but also strengthens the metal and increases its longevity.

You can get this combo deal for just $22.97, or about $3.83 per 6-in-1 tool.

Best Automatic Wire Strippers

Klein Tools Katapult wire stripper-best wire strippers for technicians
Source: Klein Tools

Klein Tools Katapult Wire Stripper – 11063W

The Klein Tools Katapult is the best self-adjusting wire stripper for technicians this 2023 for several reasons. First, it has no problem handling 8-20 AWG solid wires or 10-22 AWG standard wires, stripping up to 1 inch of insulation in a single squeeze. 

It’s beloved by industry experts for its quick and seamless stripping mechanism that neither nick the wire nor leaves the job incomplete. It’s highly rated for accuracy, durability, ease of use and stretch, which makes this one the indisputable winner as the best self-adjusting wire stripping tool. 

Many who have reviewed this product swear by it, saying that even if you only use this wire stripper once, it’s well worth the $29.97.

Best Small Wire Stripping Tool 

Channellock 6-inch wire stripper 958-best wire strippers for technicians
Source: Channellock

Channellock 6-Inch Wire Stripper – 958

The smallest, but by no means the weakest tool on the list of best wire strippers for technicians is Channellock's 6-inch wire cutter tool. Its compact size comes with a few advantages, too. Not only is it lighter at 4 ounces, but the tension spring reduces user fatigue, so you can keep working for longer.

It also takes up less space in the toolbag. If you work with standard wire gauges or need a consistent crimper that doesn’t damage the insulation, then this pocket tool won’t disappoint. It is also enhanced with laser-etched gauge sizes that won’t wear down even with everyday use. 

Smaller also means a smaller price tag. $13.95 buys you the tool and its limited lifetime warranty.

Best Cheap Wire Stripping Tool

IGAN-P6 Wire Cutters-best wire strippers for technicians
Source: Amazon

IGAN-P6 Wire Cutters 

When it comes to amassing a jealousy-inducing tool collection, technicians and electricians are perhaps the worst culprits. But with so many standard and specialty tools needed to get the job done the right way–the first time–finding quality tools that won’t put you out of house and home can sometimes be more challenging than the actual job.

That leads us to the cheapest yet best wire stripper for technicians: IGAN-PG. Although these pliers don’t have the wire gauge sizing holes associated with manual wire strippers, they’re still sharp enough and strong enough to snip and strip up to a 12 AWG electrical wire.

At an economical $7.96, you don’t even have to worry about losing it. IGAN is confident in the merit and durability of its product, backing the quality with a full lifetime warranty.