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Scotsman Ice Machine Repair

Scotsman is an international corporation that manufactures ice makers. These ice makers are available in different models unique in producing Ice cubes of different shapes and textures. Although this equipment is efficient in working and easy to use still, it may start causing problems. That's why Scotsman ice machines troubleshooting is necessary regularly. That's why we're here with a Scotsman ice machine repair guide for our technician readers. 

In this article, we will discuss the most common Scotsman ice machine issues and fixes and repair guides.

Scotsman Ice Machine Common Issues and Repair Guide

Not Producing Enough Amount Of Ice

If you get a complaint about the Scotsman ice machine producing less amount of ice than usual, then firstly check for the room temperature. The ideal working temperature for the Scotsman ice machine is 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.7 degrees centigrade). If your temperature is higher, adjust room temperature and give your machine 24 hours before rechecking its performance. 

You can repair this problem of the Scotsman ice machine by checking out all the water valves present in the condenser and air filter and cleaning if the pipes are blocked anywhere. If there is an increase in the evaporator and auger scale, secure your water system with a filter. If ice cubes are stuck in the water curtain, it can cause a ‘bin full' situation, which stops water movement. Remove the cubes which got stuck there. 

The Machine Is Producing Too Much Ice 

If the Scotsman machine is producing too much ice, that is also a problem. You have to test the thermistor of the machine with the help of a multimeter. If the readings on the thermistor increase rapidly, it shows that there is no problem with the functioning of the machine. If the readings or multimeter does not show up rapidly, then there is a need to change the thermistor.

The Machine Is Using Too Much Water

If there is collecting water on the ground near the ice machine, it means the unit's water system is leaking from somewhere. For that, check out the pipe fittings, valve seals and tubing system of your machine. Clean all the fittings and drain pipes in case of restriction by any dirt or debris. A leak detector can also be used to find out the exact location of leakage. 

Water leakage can also occur due to any broken parts of the machine, so check out motors, compressors and switches and replace them if found. Sometimes there is no apparent leakage from the machine, but it still uses too much water. Check the float valves of reservoirs for any leaks and change the discharge pressure 245 PSIG.

Scotsman Ice Machine Is Making Too Much Noise

Your Scotsman ice machine starts humming during freezing or harvesting cycles, making a noise like ice is dripping in the bin, or any rattling, grinding, and squealing noise that can be a severe issue. This can happen if the machine is not placed on the ground firmly

The cutter can create noises in case of any blockages. To repair this issue, grease or lubricate all the motor bearings if they are rusted. If lubrication didn't work, change the motor bearing. Also, check for evaporator and evaporator plates and clean them.

Ice Melts Too Quickly

If the ice produced by Scotsman ice maker melts too fast, it can be due to excess water consumption of the machine. Water can accumulate in the bin due to a blocked drain and drain line. Low-quality ice can be produced due to dirty or clogged filters. Otherwise, this can happen due to a leaky hose anywhere in the machine.


How do I reset my Scotsman ice maker?

A Scotsman ice machine is a technological device like other intelligent devices, including computers or smartphones. Like other system-based machines, the Scotsman ice machine can also get back to normal after a reset. Resetting your machine for any poor functioning is always a better idea. Scotsman ice machines can be rest by following an easy and quick procedure. 

  • Firstly, find out the machine's control panel and look for the red power button on it. 
  • Secondly, push down the power button to shut off the system and ensure that all the indicator lights have turned off properly. 
  • Lastly, find the green button on the control panel; this is the restart button. Push it back for a while and release it. The machine will restart the working process.

Now that we’ve discussed every common issue of the Scotsman Ice machine along with the repair guide, we hope you will never find yourself stuck while dealing with the Scotsman ice machine. If you encounter any issue other than the above issues, you can post your query in our forum.