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How to Light a Commercial Gas Oven?

Many restaurants, schools and other industrial kitchens still feature older gas ovens. Many of these models require a service agent to turn on the pilot and manually light up the oven. In this article, we explain to technicians how to light a commercial gas oven in five easy steps as well as what safety precautions they need to take during the procedure.

Instructions for Lighting a Commercial Gas Oven

The process of lighting a commercial gas oven does not require a long time. It takes a few seconds to perform, but as with all gas powered items, safety is paramount.

Here is a guide to how to light a commercial gas oven safely and quickly.

Step 1. Turn Off the Gas Supply

Turn off the gas supply from the gas valve. Make sure it is completely off, and turn any oven or burner knobs for proper off position too. Afterward, listen for any hissing sounds or distince smells. Both are indicators that the gas isn't off. If you confirm everything is off but smell gas, stop immediately and contact the gas company.

Step 2. Locate The Pilot Hole or Point

The purpose of turning off the gas supply is so a technician can find the pilot hole or point. In most commercial gas ovens, you'll find the pilot hole in the interior base. If you're not able to find it, check the oven's operator's manual for the precise location. 

Step 3. Turn On the Gas Supply

After locating the pilot hole or point, turn the gas supply back on.

Step 4. Hold the Pilot Knob or Button

In some commercial gas ovens, there is a pilot knob you have press and turn to the ignite position. In models with a pilot button (mostly red), you have to press the button and hold it there while lighting a Pilot point

Step 5. Ignite the Pilot Hole with a Match or Lighter

Now it's time to light the pilot on the commercial oven. You can use a match stick or a lighter with a long bar to ignite the pilot. If you can't find a lighter with a long stick, you can continue with a regular lighter.

Note: You should keep holding the Pilot Knob or button in the same position as mentioned in the previous step while igniting the pilot. Also, after the pilot is lit up, you should keep holding it for a up to 10 seconds. 

Important Safety Tips to Follow

The safety measures below should be taken when lighting a commercial gas oven.

Ensure There is Proper Ventilation

It's essential to make sure the space has proper ventilation when turning on the gas oven to protect yourself and the surrounding area. Open the windows and the door of the kitchen or the room where the gas oven lives. If you notice any gas smell, you should ventilate the place properly before doing any technical work. 

Clean the Pilot Area:

After finding the pilot hole at the base the oven, you should clean the pilot area if it's dirty. This is crucial because if there is any dirt or oily material stuck on or around the pilot hole, you might struggle to light the gas oven. Follow the operator or service manual for proper cleaning instructions.