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Replacing a Kolpak Walk-In Door Gasket & Handle

Knowing how to properly replace a Kolpak door gasket and handle are vital for foodservice operations, as a poorly maintained gasket or broken handle can result in disaster for their food stock. While it may seem like a routine task, it's an important job to complete.

Prior to replacement, ensure that the proper safety precautions are in place, such as:

  • Be sure that all field wiring conforms to the equipment requirements, as well as any applicable national or local codes
  • Disconnect all power prior to servicing
  • Wear appropriate protective gloves to avoid injury on sharp edges
  • Use protective eye gear during installation and servicing
  • Make sure the unit and all components are inspected for damage prior to installation

Once those are set-up, learn how to replace a Kolpak walk-in door gasket and door handle thanks to the how-to videos below by our friends at Welbilt.

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