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ShutDown procedure for AccuTemp Evolution Steamer

If you need to cease using your AccuTemp Evolution series steamer for an extended period of time, you will need to clean it before use. Follow these steps to ensure the unit is perfectly clean:

  • At the end of the day, drain out water. Add CLEAN water and 1 cup of white vinegar to the cooking compartment. Start the steamer in the Cook Mode for 15 minutes. The cooking compartment will automatically fill with water if unit is connected. If the steamer does not have the automatic water fill option, manually add water (about 2.5 gallons) up to the water fill line, located next to the water sensors. Shut the door.
  • After 15 minutes, turn Evolution off. Allow the cooking compartment to cool completely (140° or cooler) and then drain out the water and vinegar mixture.
  • Once cavity has cooled, remove the pan racks and steam collector plate (bottom cover with handle) Next, remove the steam distributor panel by unscrewing the four nuts by hand on the inside right wall and lifting off. Wash all pieces by hand or run through the dishwasher.
  • Scrub the two water sensors (located in left inside of cavity) and the entire inside of cooking chamber with a non-metallic scratch pad which includes the inside three walls, bottom of steamer, and inside of door. If connected unit, take the float ball off the stem and thoroughly scrub it and the stem. Put the float back on the stem. NOTE: If float ball is not put back, steamer will not turn on.
  • Rinse interior of steamer with CLEAN water. Once cavity is filled with CLEAN water, drain it out.
  • Reinstall the steam collector plate first. This goes in the bottom of the unit. Next, place the steam distributor panel on the lip of the plate to easily match it up to the right side of the unit. Screw in all four nuts hand tight. Lastly, reinstall pan racks.
  • The final step is to wipe down the inside of the unit with a cloth. Fold back the flap of the door gasket and wipe away any debris. Dry entire cavity and inside of door. Leave the door open overnight to allow everything to dry completely. This will help lengthen the life of the gasket.

Following these steps will result in a perfectly clean Evolution Steamer. If the unit is no longer being used, you may also need to disconnect it from your gas and/or electrical supply. Please use a certified technician to perform these disconnects.

For a printed copy of this guide, click here to download a PDF file.